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The MIND is the barrier to your hearts goals – Free Your Mind

By March 1, 2019Blog


If you decide without anything but your heart, the way is already there, your challenge is trusting and acting, perhaps without physical proof. You have to step into the unknown, and you are willing.. and then… you encounter the negative mind (poor girl/guy). “What if…” “You can’t because….”

MOST of the time the MIND is the barrier to your hearts goals – your BlissLife. Your MIND keeps throwing up objections, excuses, fears, what if’s and responsibilities… dragging your energy away from focus on the solutions.  

Then you think too much, you try to figure it all out in your head, still clinging to the idea that hard work, physical proof and mental force is the way to make something happen.

The doubt comes up and you awake in the middle of the night “I’m screwed either way!” If I don’t try I will feel bad and if I do try I will face fear”.

Now the poor girl in you trying to hold you back from doing anything new, has confused your focus and lowered your energy. You feel overwhelmed and tired, not motivated and on fire to manifest your goal “no matter what!”

You struggle because you want things to stay the same, AND you want more, different, better.

You let things STOP YOU seeking the solution that is already there for you, like how much time you have or that you haven’t done it before or you don’t know anyone to take care of your pets or kids or support you emotionally…

You KNOW things have to change for things to change…yet… there’s this voice inside (PG) saying “I don’t want to upset anyone”, or you want everyone you know to agree with your decisions.

You want to not have too much discomfort or stress, all the while while craving change so bad you feel things like “frustrated” “stuck” and “disappointed”.

You let your PG (“poor girl/guy” in the head) mind tell you THERE ISN’T ENOUGH! (time, money, help, flights…). You work on it. You want to understand, you want to know, to see, you keep putting conditions on the success, you keep limiting whee the Universe can show you answers.


You are in the creation and yet you are THE CREATOR TOO. Every excuse, fear, complaint, ‘but…’ that comes from your mind to interfere with your heart’s calling – is ILLUSION… IT’S A MIND GAME. It’s THE Mind Game – the universal game – as creators of our own reality, now.

Master your mind and free your wealth, energy, travel, luxury, – there is a soul family RIGHT NOW HUNGRY to welcome you – hug you, inspire you, hold space for you…

STOP seeking what others have or that they agree… follow your heart and LEAP!

Right now people are LEAPING all around the world to come to the BlissLife Equinox Abundance Awakening at the Sacred Mayan SIte of Uxmal, the site of the Pyramid of the Magician, which will awaken your flow of abundance – you will never go back to who you were…

AND they are facing these exact fears and thoughts as they DECIDE TO COME… then anchor it and move into manifesting the way…

Every step towards the goals calling you there is fear… yes, even when it is your Soul’s calling! I get to watch, guide, inspire and help these amazing souls listen to their heart, and walk through uncertainty into a possibility, rejoice at the miracles as they unfold, hold compassion as they face the fears and I know they will never be the same when they do it!


And that’s a very very good thing…

Want to break free? Let’s talk, free your mind, the wealth, joy, purpose, friends, will follow…

Imagine in just a few weeks, on the equinox, you are celebrating your new freedom on a pyramid with your soul family…