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Are dolphins calling to your heart… soul… freedom?

By March 4, 2019Blog
Do you LOVE DOLPHINS and feel called by their advanced, high frequency wisdom?
Have you dreamed your whole life of a chance to touch, kiss and heal with them in a way that is person and private?
Do Dolphins come to you in your dreams?
Dolphins came to me 26 years ago in New Mexico in my meditations… then they connected me to a lady who took wild dolphin trips in the Bahamas and after 8 years of trying to get pregnant, I answered their call into the wild, and returned pregnant with my daughter Jordan!
They have come to me many times over the years as I have learned about Vibrational Medicine, and sound healing, energy work and altering mindset, and manifestation. All along they kept showing me that FREQUENCY is the key – they are masters of sonar, ultrasound, and they an scan you, they shift your brainwaves into BLISS and they can recalibrate everything in your physical and emotional and mental bodies! Do you realize spending an entire day with dolphins means a complete energetic alignment? We even spend an hour doing a floating healing meditation with them! They do what they know we need as you drift in bliss…  then send waves of frequencies to rebalance you, heal you and awaken you!

I have had the privilege of doing my LightBody energy healing on and alongside the dolphins as i have lived here for the last 2.5 years. The amazing vibrational medicine healing work the dolphins are doing with paraplegics is revolutionary, and I have been able to witness people are now able to stand and swim and walk (with help) after 12 years in a wheelchair NEVER MOVING! I have seen miracle after miracle happen, and these amazing beings keep patiently coming back to help us get out of our fear and lack and learn to PLAY IN the ABUNDANCE!! What an honor it has been!

Imagine spending a day in this love and joy, playing and literally going into brain bliss (one of the side effects of being around the dolphins!). I can tell you, that this is an experience you will never forget… and it will change you forever. At the last September BlissLife Retreat Pippa said: “BEST DAY EVER!! Better than my wedding and it was epic!”

Pippa is returning in March and it will be here birthday the day we go to the dolphins!!! What a celebration of life!

Dolphins are masters of abundance and healing and you can awaken your abundance (our equinox retreat theme) at the pyramids and the sacred ceremonies and seal it in with your special day with the dolphins.
You may be being called by these highly evolved, conscious beings who are here to help us heal, realign to our truth and advance into a peaceful planet. Do you dream of them, are you attracted to images, and other things to do with dolphins? Is it your time to make it a touchy – feely reality?

The dolphins are calling to you for a reason and in a few weeks at my BlissLife Equinox retreat we will have a LAST CHANCE to interact, heal, meditate, play ball, free swim, and interact with the most loving, happy and beautiful dolphins.

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Talk to me ASAP if you are called to this retreat. It is the LAST ONE like this we will do that includes the dolphin day and it is also a full 7 day deep TRANSFORMATION so if you are yearning for a breakthrough, this is the time… waiting is no longer an option for any of us. There is a soul family waiting for you and such an incredible life on the other side…

Also I am committed to help you manifest money, time a roommate – whatever it is, because I am on my mission to lead you to the top of your pyramid of abundance…. which means I am here if you are called to your next level mission… then your highest self sent me to help you! ???
Jonathon Powers came because his lifelong dream was to be with dolphins, and he got SO MUCH MORE, he joined my LIghtBody school, and has manifested massive abundance, a house, freedom of time, more money… the change is palpable…
“This trip was massive, profound and extra-unordinary.”
“As someone who has done a lot of deep work, this retreat was the culmination, this was destiny. I got to play and share and grow with like minded people who were the most ideal reflections for my spiritual growth at this time. Nan’s jaguar meditation and being with the dolphins was the piece I needed to step into my spiritual work… just show up!

Jonathan Powers

This is the LAST CHANCE for this dolphin

We are moving to a new area of the Yucatan and so I highly recommend you tune in and if you are meant to have this chance to heal, play and connect with dolphins now is the time to take action.

A Sound Healing Partnership

Dolphins have changed my life, over and over, and every time it is magical and profound. I know if you are called by dolphins this experience will be beyond your dreams and will ignite a bliss within you that will never leave you!



* Note, if you are still stuck in low consciousness and anger around dolphins interacting with humans, please keep it to yourself, do your own healing and check in with them. I have spent 30 years communicating with animals and doing deep healing and spiritual work and this is not the place for those issues. This is ADVANCED high level transformation from a place of love and UNITY with fellow species – we have been called by the dolphins to come to work with them. These dolphins are loved and are co creating their reality, they are not abused or in any way made to interact with us against their will. Remember they are WAY more advanced than we are, and this is a GIFT of enormous love and power for them to invite you to be this close and intimate with them for an entire 8 hour day!!