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LAST CHANCE Dolphin Healings

By March 6, 2019April 1st, 2019Blog

Yesterday I received an email from a woman who was very sad and upset. She received my email saying this is the LAST CHANCE to come to do a full dolphin day, healing and playing.

“I have had this on my bucket list for 2 years!” she said….

Yet – here is what is weird, or maybe just sad. She has never reached out to me, not once in 2 years. I have never had a conversation with her about wanting to come and how to make it happen, and she has ever accepted my invitation to help find the money or strategize and to follow your bliss, listen to your heart and follow it -now.

Now I understand being upset because these dolphin days are out of this world, and NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET or even here – without me!

Sorry, that’s the cold, hard truth that I have been trying to convey to you for 2 years now!!! STOP WAITING for your life!

STOP making excuses, and listening to anyone else. This is your life experience and when you die, it will be only you in your head and heart, wondering what happened or celebrating all your incredible memories!

I have done 4 events over the last two years and I have shared the incredible photos and transformations from the people who made it a priority to come. YOU ARE WRONG if you think that the people who come to these retreats are rich, have supportive family or have a flexible schedule… so it’s easy for them but not for you.


They are just like you and me… they have challenges, fears, jobs, negative people, physical problems, money issues, family fears and more. They did not have a lot of money, a bunch of free time, baby-sitters, dog sitters or even a job! BUT THEY DECIDED and they CAME!

They listened to their heart and talked to me and followed the energy and WOW they now have the healing and experience, forever.

Last September Denise said “I’m incredibly grateful for this experience and am so glad I did what I did to get here. NO ONE can ever take this away from me.”

This Equinox Retreat WILL BE THE LAST ONE with the dolphin day. YES, IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

They are out of this world and fun and playful and loving and healing and everything! There is no other way to say it – except I asked some of the people who came last year and are returning this month again to share their dolphin experience, you can see them below.

I have told you over and over for 2 years now: “this is a once in a lifetime chance”… and “if you feel called, there IS a way… let’s talk”, and ‘Now is the time, don’t wait…”.


What a sucky emotion that is. I HATE It – I really do. I refuse to live in a way that creates regrets if I am aware of it at all! I went o a wild dolphin swim (5 days at sea, no land) and i get massively seasick… that’s how committed I am to no regrets!).

Enjoy these dolphin experiences (then hit reply and let’s get you signed up!)

Swimming, working and meditating with the dolphins at Dolphin Discovery as part of BlissLife retreat was a dream come true!  I was like a 4-yr old on Christmas Day!!  It is one of the main reasons I decided on the adventure and glad it was incorporated as close to the end of our week as possible.  Sea-lions and Manatees were fun also; being able to have close contact with these amazing sea creatures was incredible!  Never to be forgotten the experience!
-Pippa Powling

I have a deep affinity for the ocean and its creatures. Being able to play with Manatees, Dolphins and Sea lions was a magical dream come true. The only thing that would have made it better would have been never having to leave.
-Erica Smith

My first experience with the dolphins was full of excitement and anticipation. I knew that there would be joy & bliss, but I didn’t realize that it would feel like some of the greatest events in my life…Christmas morning as a child, getting married and when your child is born! I did not want the day to stop and at the end, during my meditation with them, I was so touched with healings and downloads that I saw flashes of multi-colored sacred geometry! I love going back every time! -John Theobald

Let the dolphins dream with you, you will know…




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