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Dolphins, Brain Bliss & Vibrational Healing

By March 26, 2019Blog

Vibrational healing is real healing. When you shift the frequency you shift the state.

Our Dolphin partners LOVE Kisses!

When you interrupt your patterns (leave your comfort zone) you have the greatest chance of creating lasting, tangible changes in your life.

Playing with “Dolphin Emojis” – fun new ways to communicate and connect and heal

When you change a belief or learn something new or free yourself from emotional stress through a new experience… you are “healing”.

Free play with dolphins Sophia, Estia, Lulu, Helene.. is incredible add that LOVE it and get very playful

One way I orchestrate such deeply transformational retreats that everyone leaves saying “I’m a completely new person!” is by multiplying the opportunities to raise your frequency (which is also your state of consciousness).

The Human Dolphin Partnership is full of love and play and Frees your heart

The longer you raise your frequency from fear or neutral to acceptance, love or bliss, the more permanent the internal shifts in your beliefs, fears and habits is.

Friends for life. Now you’re quantumly entangled with these high frequency Masters and can connect anytime!

This is true change and will reflect in all areas of your life from happiness, resilience and mental clarity to inner peace, and personal determination.

Our favorite playtime! The dolphins come up and throw the ball before we can even get in and ready!

Our Dolphin healing and play day does all this and is a ton of fun. You get kisses and hugs and touching which produces happy hormones!

We want more!

We play and kiss, and connect through our hearts with these very loved dolphins. They generously raise our frequency as we play.

We were gifted with a session with two moms and their babies. I have known these mom’s – Estrella and Regina for several years now. Regina was a primary dolphin I did healing with on Patti (parapalegic). I love being with her.

One baby girl dolphin wanted so much to kiss us and play with us, but she stayed about a foot away and watched us carefully. Like an eager little girl she kept stopping herself from coming to us, as Mom was nearby playing.

She followed us while the other baby boy – Draco, played with a leaf we gave him. It was precious.

Our healing meditation with the dolphins take us far out of our bodies into healing realms

All the while we are getting high! Dolphins are highly evolved and conscious beings who have chosen to interact with us to help us evolve too. They intentionally raise your brain waves and over all frequency to the state of Bliss!

Healing with the dolphins

Dolphins scan you and send adjusting frequencies to help realign and balance your energies. This is such a powerful and rare gift to receive for healing, gratitude pours over you.

The dolphins  also raise the brain wave frequency, so within 30 minutes you are happy, blissed out and everything seems so possible and stress no longer exists.

Healing of the body and mind occurs without effort and the fact you get 8 full hours of Bliss adds to the healing that can happen as you easily maintain your state all day!

OMG, what a blessed day I’ve had! Went to look for a swimsuit, came back with a ton of free samples, plus got a sweet deal on the swimsuit. At one point, I was parched and someone gave me a bottle of water. No strings, just flow. THIS is delicious, I want more.

Also, had a major breakthrough around value after doing a money cleanse. 
-Nabeela Dewji

Energy healing or vibrational medicine is real healing because you are energy and your body and mind are vibrating at a frequency that is not optimal for you at this time. Adjust it, and possibilities open for you.

Dolphins raise it and free you to receive Bliss. Your current frequency can be low, attached to the past or pain and can hold you back, or perpetuate stress and the mind is overwhelmed.

Playing ball with eager dolphins is incredible. We spent an hour and they never wanted to stop, throwing them right at us like a dog that loves to play.

We even celebrated one of our retreat people’s birthday there and on top of a cake the dolphins sang Happy birthday to her!

Best of all we get to do our healing meditation for an hour with the Dolphins.

This is truly delicious because after a whole day of being in a high, happy state, now you float as the 5 dolphins swim around at will and heal you!

Thank you for the email update. 14 years ago, I first learned about Mesoamerica and fell in love with the stories of Quetzalcoatl, Teotihuacan and the Mayans. It was hinted that the ways of living in harmony with the Earth was held by obscure and remote tribes deep in the jungles and high in the Andes, and this knowledge was passed through story from one generation to the next in preparation for the time when it would be needed to guide us.

Since then my heart has nurtured the dream of visiting such a place and partaking in their rituals. For this to finally be happening brings me to my knees in awe and gratitude. – Erica Smith

Pure Bliss! and everyone leaves their body and comes back and thinks it’s been 5 – 15 minutes when  it’s been an hour!

Sometimes we take a awhile to get back into our bodies, we are able to get so expanded. It’s a delicious state and took no effort to get there.

All the places and activities I align for Epic Equinox retreats are building a new path within you to enlightenment. You get a massive boost in your personal and spiritual growth – while having a blast!

That’s how life is supposed to be!



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