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Sacred Cacao, Chants and Aluxe…

By March 27, 2019April 1st, 2019Blog

Joyfully sharing more of our equinox retreat experiences and magic with you!

On day 1 we gathered in my home overlooking the caribbean and learned our Chants, mantras and energy healing around the table of crystals and special seeds, feathers and sculptures of Jaguar.

Gathering to begin the 7 day equinox journey around our crystals and wands, learning our chants and Mantra, practicing our energy healing LightBody tools.

Day one of the epic equinox BlissLife Retreat Doing our special energy routine to open our third eye.

After a day of healing hugging and delicious private chef meal, we headed to a sacred spot called Aluxe, which means nature spirits. It was filled with them and we got to offer flowers and communicate before our heart opening Cacao Ceremony.

Our wonderful private chef Michelle, who made us Cacao mousse among other delicacies.

Ajna Light treatments for Everyone! This is an amazing light technology that opens and Decalcifies your pineal gland (3rd Eye). You receive psychedelic visions and images without any side effects at all. It’s magnificent.

I gifted everyone with an Amethyst to put over their third eye and everyone was able to make their own headband to wear with it when we were at sacred sites. People decorated with feathers, beads, copper wire and more.

This beautiful place had a cenote with a beautiful  turtle, waterfall and nature spirits abounding.


Leaving our gifts for the Aluxe (nature spirits)

Our Cacao Ceremony team of dancers, singers, musicians. This is an exquisite sensorial experience to open our hearts and cleanse our spirit as we enter our journey of transformation.



September BlissLife next Epic Equinox retreat dates are September 19 -24, 2019

We are journeying to Teotihuacan “The Place of the Sixth Dimension”… I’m already cooking up super special surprises, access, ceremonies and secret spots no one else knows about…

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