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Magical Night of Mystery

By March 28, 2019April 1st, 2019Blog

The Pyramid of the Moon (Magician) as we entered with the equinox group for the first time for the night show.

The chance to go onto a sacred Mayan site at night with these amazing energies and these huge Pyramids and all the magical symbols is surreal and truly special.

The energies, the stars and the ancient site create a life force from another world!

The sun and the full super moon were both up on either side of us and the Equinox ‘Balance’ energies are amplified by the Pyramids alignment to the equinox light and the time of the year.

In between all this energy work, ascension experiences and stunning sites, we feast on local specialties, special flavors  – like Caribbean style with pineapple, coconut and cream flambéed!

BlissLife retreats is exactly that – experience a BlissLife! We raise your state of consciousness to bliss, healing and revealing the bocks and freeing you to enjoy your own bliss! Enjoy a carefully curated experience with love and hugs, delicious flavors and profoundly deep experiences!

Stay tuned for the 2019 September equinox Vision Quest announcement coming next week! We are headed into new territory and already have juicy, unique and powerful experiences lining up for you!

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