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Lost and Found

By April 1, 2019Blog

Blessings Beautiful!

A theme on several of our BlissLife Equinox retreats has been “lost and found”…

Both things like sunglasses or money disappear and then reappear later… And things like feelings, memories, old patterns, old powers… Have you experienced this in our recent Equinox/super full moon?

We have shifted into a new world, the frequencies on the planet have up-leveled yet again, and aware of it or not, your reality won’t stay the way it is.

You may forget why you hated something or why something upset you and now feel stronger or clear about your new path! You may forget your painful past and feel full of possibility!

Regina and her baby, who we got to play, kiss and hug


You may feel disoriented or uncertain and ready for something new…

Temple of the descending god + spider woman = powerful medicine. We left a Crystal there to keep us connected to the powerful energies


Stay tuned as I share how to navigate this new era and find your way with the least fear and the most purpose and passion!

Great Pyramid Manifesting Matrix Activation

Between this equinox and the next you have an important 6 months to align with the new you and prepare for the best quantum jump!

Sacred Mayan Royal Lady Bee site for a Mayan Family. They have been lovingly cultivating and helping these singles bees who only make 1 litter of honey a year in the Ancient traditions. Although delicious, they only use it as medicine, not food, as it cures many things.

Mark your calendar for Monday 3pm ET for a special live call where I will align you to the new frequencies and you can find your new balance within the lack of balance happening all around you!

Until then tune in to these photos and the power and magic in these places and ceremonies… They will be the light at the end of your tunnel…



PS BlissLife Retreats Epic Equinox for September is diving deep into the Ancient Alien and Atlantean wisdom, and library in stone at Teotihuacan and many other sacred sites and energy cited in the land around Mexico City.

If you feel called to this site or energy, watch for the super early bird opportunity to grab one of the few spots for these deep, intimate, rare experiences (we aren’t tourists, we go to these sites in unique ways and with intentional activations to further your personal and spiritual Awakening.)

No one leaves the same.

Most people return again.

BlissLife Retreats