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The Full Super Moon Equinox Prophecy of the Return of a Supreme Being Fulfilled

By April 9, 2019April 11th, 2019Blog

Did you know this long-standing prophecy has begun being fulfilled! We did it! Your personal and spiritual work, your love and your desire for your true purpose have all helped to create this moment in time. Check out what happened in March 2019!

We live in spectacular times! If you don’t like change it’s time to shift, because we are manifesting a new world faster than you know!

I can’t keep it to myself any longer… here is visible proof we are raising our vibration and consciousness!

The Prophecy of the return of a Supreme Being is present in most cultures and most powerfully in Mesoamerica. Here the Mayans, Aztecs and more knew about the Kundalini ns sacrum that needed to be uncoiled and awakened within us. They knew about the 7 energy centers (chakras), the “as above so below” and that at this time, this knowledge would reawaken in humanity.

Most of us have heard the Christian prophecies of a return… yet these prophecies of the Jaguar Priests of the Maya and other ancient indigenous cultures are embedded in ancient tradition, in stone, in ceremony, and predate all Christian influence.

was one of the most important pre-Hispanic deities, his cult was present in the Olmec, Toltec, Teotihuacan, Maya and Mexica civilizations.
The origin of its name comes from the Nahuatl ” Quetzal “, bird of beautiful plumage and ” Coatl ” snake, which makes the “Feathered Serpent”.

Whichever way… did you know it has happened!? Just a few weeks ago… and it has taken me this long to be able to share it because the transformations have been so deep!

Once you see this you will be blown away, this happened 2 days after the equinox, and after we and other groups had been going to the pyramids and power spots and activating the energies. (Of course, we have been doing this work for decades, and we are finally seeing the physical manifestation – in a way everyone can see)… this is profound.

Mayan Prophesy:
“Would that he might return from the west, uniting us in commiseration over our present unhappy plight! This is the fulfillment of the prophecies of Katun 5 Ahua. … Spirit (God) grant that there may come a Deliverer from our afflictions, who will answer our prayers in Katun 1 Ahua!! Chilam Balam of Tizimin

I am bursting with so much from this last massively transformative month. Equinox, shaman ceremonies, retreat and travel… the upgrade we have had with new energies downloading to the planet, super full moon, Kukulkan (the plumed serpent of wisdom, the guide and path to our enlightenment) returning…

The prophecy of the return of a Supreme Teacher or Being speaks of Quetzalcoatl, known to the Maya as Kukulcan (who is also Thoth, Enoch and many other incarnations of wisdom bringing us writing science, magic…)..

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Did you know?

The prophecy is Kukulkan returns to bring the abundance (water, wisdom, guidance, enlightenment) and you can see many images and even computer games that have taken this powerful idea and made many images. The awakening is coming from within our minds and even in the youth!

Check out my podcasts where I share more magic, miracles, and manifestations… that happened for our group and the world over this last month. This is just ONE of the manifestations we are starting to SEE (with our physical senses). Plus I will share what is unfolding and appearing for the September epic equinox… more magic, more private access and rare experiences, connections to the heart of the ancestors and ancient knowledge that is ready and waiting for us now.

You truly do not have to wait anymore to live the life your heart calls you to. You no longer have to feel like a slave to your job or outdated beliefs. Freedom is here… come and see how to break free and BE who your soul intended.

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