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Instant Manifestations: Crystals Transforming before our eyes

By April 11, 2019April 15th, 2019Blog

I am so happy to be revealing the mysteries of our time… and I wanted you to see the Instant Manifestation we experienced at the March Blisslife epic Equinox retreat 2019.

Maybe you know that crystals are alive, and they keep growing and changing. However, in the past it took years if not decades to see a visible change in your crystals.

Crystals are awakening and channeling the messages of ancient ties, atlantis and more… and we got to SEE the result of our deep spiritual work!

We began to see the physical changes appear in our CRYSTALS (clear wands, old necklaces, dark bracelets and more stones many people were carrying) when I completed the Gold Ray Abundance Activation at the Ancient Mayan Site of Kabah in the Yucatan.

At the sacred site of Kabah we activated the gold ray and transcended – and our crystals, necklaces, and all stones CHANGED before our eyes!

At the end of the activation one lady noticed a perfectly clear crystal wand was growing a Pyrmid shape (which continud to get more dense and obvious as the retreat went on).

Another lady noticed her necklace, an old one of a heart made from a stone that has lines though it but was a deep dark blue was shining brightly and glowing… her black obsidian necklace we shining with GOLD all over it…

The we began to see one after another wand, or bracelet, was either shiny and light, glowing blue or gold was appearing.

Over the next few days we watched as spiral staircase shapes appeared in many wands and a stream of little bubbles of fizziness appeared in many of the wands.

Once the equinox explorers (retreat attendees) brought their new vibration and their crystals and jewelry that was ENLIGHTENED and infused with the gold ray into their homes they began to see changes and LIGHTING U of other crystals and stones in the house!

Some even went from clear to GOLD!

Be sure to go to my blog >here< to see the video one lady made to show all the changes in her crystals!

The transformaiton continues, and I am so ecited to see what will happen at the LightBody Healing Crystal Vortex Retreat in July!!!

We have crossed an important moment in time, and congratulate yourself, because we have raised our vibration enough now t be able to receive the gifts from the Divine that are ready and willing to play with us!

The ABUNDANCE ACTIVATION we did at all the pyramids and with the Mayan shaman in caves and sacred waters is ONE PART of the whole world raising consciousness at this time.

THANK YOURSELF and all you do – we are birthing a new reality and a new earth… one of heart mind connection and One Love.

Hooray for us

Join us in Arkansas Crystal Vortex in July! We are doing epic shit all over the world, join us and help us raise the vibe and free us all to live in beauty peace and abundance!

Go >here< to see more… or talk to me… about Crystals or the next >>equinox retreat<<… this is the time to start to plan, because you become a part of the energies that open the magic doors we get to experience!

OH and take a peak at your crystals…