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Conscious Evolution Meditation

By April 16, 2019April 22nd, 2019Blog

Please enjoy this Conscious Evolution Meditation.

Saturday I did a podcast about Barbara Marx Hubbard, an author and speaker who created a large path around the idea of Conscious Evolution and ‘birthing a new humanity” and left her body last week.

We then did a very beautiful and deep guided meditation to declare and align ourselves to CONSCIOUSLY EVOLVING and being a conscious creator of our own lives.

I got many messages after it like “Thank you for that meditation, it was exactly what I needed today…” so be sure to enjoy the podcast replay >here<.

We are really in a moment in time where we are waking up to the fact we ARE the creators and we ARE the ones who have to raise our awareness and STATE and MASTER our emotions (our power) so we can consciously create the world we want to live in.

Do you get depressed, anxious or disappointed in the current state of affairs in the world, or politics or healthcare…?

Do you find it hard to keep your mood up and your thought positive when around certain people, or when thinking about money or career?

There is 1 CURE for it, and only 1! MASTER YOUR ENERGY!

I am serious about this. You can seek all kinds of fixes or try to force your way through (like most of us were taught) mentally and physically working harder or trying to please everyone. In the end the energy you enter your creation with will affect the outcome. It’s taken me 30 years, and now I know the way – really well.

What I discovered after 30+ years on a conscious path of evolution and true ‘healing’ – for myself and for my clients and students is

Want to learn to master your emotions? How about be able to direct your thoughts where you want them? I can show  you how…

How would it feel it you KNEW you could intentionally raise your STATE of consciousness in the moment (like from guilt or anger to acceptance or joy)?

Imagine not worrying if you will be able to speak your truth or handle conflict or difficult situations?

Here is how I can help you right now:

I create experiences based on my 30 years of expertise as a master level hypnotherapist, a Dr of Homeopathy and a Master Energy healer… to empower YOU to understand and connect to your true power, your power to change your energetic STATE.

1 – LIVE in person: You could come to an Epic BlissLife equinox retreat, these are the fastest way to change, and are the most concentrated and deep. There is a SUPER EARLY BIRD Price and 5 month payment plan available right now.

2 – ONLINE trainings & LIVE Calls: Also in my online and in person Energy Mastery School “LightBody School we learn and experience first hand the secrets to mastering and directing energy. This means in any situation you can change the atmosphere, the relationship, how you feel, think… and the outcome!

It also means you can feel more powerful confident, present, calm… and best of all happy with yourself! LightBody school helps you learn how to LIVE LIFE on your terms!

3 – LIVE in person: LightBody School has a LIVE Crystal Vortex experience that is incredible and mind blowing… in the vast crystal beds and vortex of Hot Springs Arkansas – we learn, practice and accelerate our healing with the crystals… check it out here – we go in July 13-16. There is no prerequisite for the retreat and you also get the entire Infinity Light Weaving course to start ASAP so you can start right now!

4 – 1-1: I also – on occasion – take on private clients or do readings and deep sessions with people. Take a peek here or hit reply to the email and let’s chat. I am only interested in working with you if it is OPTIMAL for both of us at this time”… so if I am not the optimal person for you, I will tell you.

Between the online school trainings and live healing and teaching calls, and the interactive tribe and opportunity to work with me at all of the above options in small groups and interactive ways… you will have deep transformations and healings.

Watch for my next podcast this week called
“Revealing the Mysteries of Our Times Part 2: Following your Fully Funded Mission: How to walk through the uncertainty and align with your true path, no matter what is going on around you!”

I honor you for being here at this time… it is an epic moment for humanity, and believe it or not – WE ARE THE CREATORS OF TOMORROW!

Take back your power of creation by mastering and rewiring your beliefs, emotions and thoughts… and FLOW with the MOMENT.

This is the time to talk to me – maybe one short session will do the trick to get you aligned with your next steps… I am free this Thursday and Friday for a chat or a personal reading or private session, so hit reply and let Donna know you want to chat.

I see so many people KNOW they are meant to be at these retreats and events, and yet do not reach out and get help to figure it out. As the event comes closer, the inner voice gets louder, and so does the fear… and then at the last minute they listen to their inner voice saying “GO!”… and then the overwhelm becomes an issue.

Why not support yourself and your growth and sign up now and give yourself time, and my suport to find the money, the help, the time off? You will also get to be in the energies of the Soul family and work we do ALL YEAR preparing to the next event! … whatever you need for your highest good WILL BE POSSIBLE… it is just cometies you cannot see the path… and I can.

Let me be your guide and join our Soul family.. we are a ton of fun and all about amazing experiences, lots of love, and big transformation.