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How to live your Bliss now

By April 18, 2019Blog

My Miami office and meditation space for a few days. The energies in Florida are very abundant and yummy for me. So to set my energies and receive deep inner guidance on my path as I follow my higher guidance and heart to the next step at this time I have come to Florida to spend 4 days alone.

What are you doing to surround yourself with the optimal energy to support you and listen within to receive the abundance, Grace and joy that is ready and waiting for you on your true path?

Live your #blisslife NOW. I’M NOT KIDDING WHEN I SAY – STOP WAITING. STOP WAITING FOR MONEY… Or permission from anyone else, or time off work, or guilt or fear… Don’t assume you have to do or have anything before you follow your Bliss. I’m living proof that you do not have to wait.

I can promise you your highest self doesn’t care if you wait till you have your “ducks in a row” or for your savings to be at a certain level before you are allowed to be happy, to do your True calling, or enjoy this moment.. That is the conditioned mind and it’s not truth.

Break the bonds of limitation. You are a limitless being living a physical life to experience and transform, to enjoy and feel pleasure, love, joy… Not to be a slave to others, to outdated schedules,! Plans and Goals.

Yes, I know…I can hear all of the “BUT’S…” Coming up from your mind… And I don’t care. I’ve been through them all. I’ve seen and heard almost every excuse- conscious and subconscious… And I’ve gone underneath… Deeper and deeper into the depths… And when you reach Bliss or “die” from this body to another… You will KNOW that all the stress, rules, pushing, worry, trying to be good enough, and other “musts” imposed on you from your society, job, family, culture… Are NOT your purpose.

If you are alive right now- part of your purpose is to break the bonds of this current reality and design a new one based on one heart and mind in the high consciousness of love and above.

Let me know if you are ready to break the bonds and free your self so you can live your BlissLife right now… It’s not as hard as you think. It does take Action… So is this your moment to reach out and ask for what you want?

I have a rare and special opportunity available for only TWO PEOPLE… Spend May and June with me working 1-1 to


This is only for you if you are ready to focus and follow my guidance NOW. We will design a way to work together for two months that is optimal for you and your current situation.

The only way to do this is to talk to me. If you want to work with me and you really want to break free but you aren’t willing to talk to me, right there you are showing yourself this is an important moment to get past that. How can you manifest in Alignment with your highest heart if you don’t even take the hand stretched out to you!

If you are thinking- “Yes! I’d love to do that but….” Then STOP right now and write down all the “But’s” coming up… Because those are what we need to discuss.

I’m super loving and kind… And I’m direct and honest. I want the best for you and with what is OPTIMAL for YOUR SOULS PATH.. I’m not on own agenda… I only ask is you commit to playing full out. You don’t have to know how, you only have to be ready and willing and we will fly together!

Hit reply and let’s soar..

Why not?

Your Bliss is waiting…