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Journey of Reconnecting our hearts

By April 30, 2019Blog

I’d like to invite you to take a journey with me this week and next… to a sacred place in your heart and to a sacred ceremony and ancient sites and energy vortexes…

We will be in Teotihuacan (Ancient City where men became enlightened and site of huge pyramids) for an incredible two-day Indigenous ceremony honoring and Awakening unity and oneness.

Please add your energies to this important calling back of the ancient and future wisdom to help us all heal and reclaim our power from the false illusions we have been living under for hundreds of years.

My incredible soulmate Chris and I are incredibly honored to be invited and to attend with our dear friend and Aztec ceremonial leader and dancer – Cristian and his family.

We are working with him and Aztec elders to design and scout out the sacred sites and energy vortexes that are ideal for the fall equinox vision quest retreat “A Metamorphosis of the Heart”.

Please tune in Thursday to my podcast and this weekend and send your love as hundreds of dancers and elders and those called by Gaia and Earth keepers and sacred healers, wise women and men and energy medicine of all kinds gather to transform the energy of fear, pain and the past into peace, heart healing and love for all life.

Watch as I share the weekend as well as the amazing sites we will be going to next week after we go through yet another transformational experience and move into me interdimensional realms during this most scared of ceremonies.

We are going to explore the area all around Teotihuacan (North of Mexico City) to set the energy, talk to the ancestors, the land and spirits and open the portal for the epic Equinox retreat.

All the work we do to find and set the events are also healing and transformational, so follow along or >>join us<< now (before May 1 for special price & payment plan).

Teotihuacan, Tula, Puebla, Xihuingo and Texcoco… Even a meteor crater – lagooon with such powerful magnetic energies that it is like the Burmuda triangle!

Be sure to watch for my videos, FB posts and emails so you can hear the magical stories as they unfold and see the stunning photos of these powerful sites that hold a library of wisdom we are now ready to receive.

I’m super excited to visit the amazing botanical gardens and spa of Nezahualcoyotl, a philosopher, warrior, architect, poet and priest-king, at dawn…

I’ll be sharing all the mystical experiences and natural beauty asking with insights into our epic vision quest in the fall….

Why is this important? Why bother to tune in or attend a sacred retreat?

Are you really happy living the life you have? If not – change is waiting for you…

If you are happy with your life and purpose and yeah and time… Then let’s take it to the next level!!! The living intuitive way.. no more pushing…

Join the “Journey of Reconnecting our Hearts” and let me guide you back to your sacred heart storage and reconnect you to your ancestors of light and wisdom…

PS Why take time away from your busy schedule and daily worries to bathe in the ancient wisdom and loving connection of humanity reuniting for our greatest good?

Because we need you… We need all of us, to now make our light, heart and life or soul intended a priority, not an afterthought.