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A Beautiful Day Celebrating the Element of Water and Rain God Energy Tlac (Chaac)

By May 7, 2019Blog
A beautiful day celebrating the element of Water and rain God energy Tlac (Chaac). We activated here at this amazing water and garden but on a hill cashed Tezcotzingo by an Aztec Poet King.

Then our friends were having a magical powers type dance to Rain as well.
And it rained!!! (Rare here)

Enjoy the energy of Reconnecting your heart to the element of water – purifying, life-giving, abundance. This amazing site built in the 1500s had advanced gravitational hydraulic engineering and had baths and fountains.

Visiting these places to talk to the land and bless the energies to prepare for the fall equinox retreat 6 is an immense blessing in itself!

You can still feel the sacredness and beauty of all the flowers and fauna.