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Pyramids are Power Spots

By May 8, 2019Blog

Placed on energy vortexes or caves or special soil… They amplify the energy and send a beam of light out. They all have their flavor. They are always places of sacred worship, initiation, healing, ritual, and blessing. They were never burial chambers or houses.

Their structure is precise and exact and based on sacred geometry and with cosmic and astrological events like Equinoxes, sun or moon… They were covered in symbols, carvings and sculptures and everything had deep meaning. They were not dedicated to war our glorified warriors like some silly theories say…

They vibrated high frequencies to help maintain the Consciousness level of the planet. They communicated with other Pyramids on the planet, and some of then when had portals to travel between them.

They were used to raise your vibration to a higher level of Consciousness and were often sites of Mystery Schools & initiations.

In Ancient Mesoamerican and Aztec times, they were most often dedicated to and covered in serpents. They revered the snake for its ability to shed its skin and leave the past and old self behind. The plumed serpent represented wisdom and the path to enlightenment.

You can see here the snakeheads all over the temple and the row of them along the bottom edge of the pyramid.

It is one of my greatest joys to investigate the ancient pyramids and decipher their true meaning. To wade through the massive misinterpretation and incorrect history and find the pieces of truth that will allow us to unlock the mystery, power, and wisdom in these living energy generators that are calling us back to cosmic citizenship of one heart and co-creation with nature and subtle conscious energies everywhere.

Pyramid power is palpable-even through the photos. Enjoy