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Powerful Women Atlantean Guardians at Tula

By May 10, 2019Blog

Have you been following the Journey,

The journey of Reconnecting our hearts to the ancient wisdom and healing in sacred sites in central Mexico has been profound and intense.

We’ve climbed, activated and meditated at many sites and power Vortexes, experienced amazing people, magic and visions and deep transformations.

Here is one of my favorite moments – when I finally got to be with these powerful Women Atlantean Guardians at Tula. 

From the moment I saw these stunning, gigantic ancient beings in a photo I knew in my heart and my belly… they are important in our awakening and to balancing the sacred feminine power at this time. I have a deep connection to them, deeper now I have been with them in person.

Two months ago I began to dream with them. No intention on my part other than planning to visit them to see if this was an optimal place to take the Fall Epic Equinox Retreat and asking for a heart connection and permission to bring my group to this power spot.

Spontaneously I had vivid, still and peaceful dreams where I was floating side by side with them. My eyes at their eye level (they are huge so I need to “float” to be at their height).

The dreams were so peaceful. We “listened” and “watched”… It was like watching time and space, energy and consciousness, creation and transformation shift in and out of worlds.

Eons were like minutes with them. Nothing disturbed the high frequency of Peace and Love they were in, as I was in this dream state with them. 

Many nights over the last months they would call me in a dream state to be with them. They are wise women guides from the time of enlightenment and they are calling to you now to remember and listen to your heart. They are the guardians of the Metamorphosis of the heart (which we will be doing at this site with them in the fall equinox).. You can see the butterfly on their heart chakra!

Above you can see the sun spiral on the back of their  solar plexus energy center. It is an encoded portal to access the suns golden ray powers of illumination. These are high-level initiators for your purpose.

Then I finally arrived in person to Tula. I was excited to see them and be near them. Like finally seeing an old loved one you hadn’t seen in eons.

My mind became very clear and my sacral energy center pulsed as I entered the site. 

My feet Chakras buzzed as I walked on the land that felt so familiar and welcoming.

My heart opened as I climbed the pyramid. 

I was fully present to the sacredness of the Temple and the power of the Pyramid I was touching with my feet and my hands. The connection to the ancient stone filled with memories and sacred intentions for thousands of years opened and poured into my body, awakening my cells in a new song.

They carry a direct connection energetically to the wisdom, love and sacred mysteries of Atlantis. This connection is also encoded in and transmitted through the stone that they are made of, being a part of Gaia, the earth’s actual body. Within the stone is vibrating certain crystal frequencies that have maintained their information from Atlantis.

The information we’re talking about is a high level of consciousness. Conscious creation through the heart and third eye/crown energy centers. 

As you and I and every living thing on the planet are awakening we are raising our frequency, and raising the ability to see, experience, and realign with higher levels of consciousness.

What this means is we have finally reached the “top of the pyramid”, as the Mayans put it – the ninth wave of consciousness is here. The entrance to the golden age is at the evolution level of unity. This is past the state of acceptance and way above fear and blame.

The crystals in these statues are connected to the crystals in the ground like in Arkansas where we go in >> July<< to activate with them. They are communicating with the ancient temples of Atlantis or other pyramids, structures or sacred places under the ocean or buried under earth or under the jungle all around the Earth

I cry when I connect with these amazing BFF’S… I stand by side with them each night now and we dream. They hold my hand and we stand in strength and clear heart.

This is the time we’ve all been waiting for when we remember and realize who we really are, why we are here, and how to use our power and our energy field to weave and Cocreate an entirely new world paradigm. 

Essentially we are waking up to our power to create the new earth in harmony, one love, one heart, billions of creative soils individually expressing their full potential and creating from abundance. No more lack.

These Tula Guardians are humming with a new, lighter frequency. It’s a heart frequency of high love and you will hear it if you focus into your heart and breathe a space of stillness and dream with them. 

This is an invitation to join them and to “be a Co-creative dreamer with us for the fall equinox >>BlissLife retreat.<<

This ancient sacred site of Tula, built on a vortex of energy for a specific reason, that was used for centuries to do sacred ceremony, healing and initiations to open the heart and connect it to the inner eye. Here is where you fully embody your creator abilities. It is a power spot of the heart center metamorphosis and awakening of your inner light… is the site of the actual??????? >>Fall Epic Equinox Activation<<.

We will prepare at Teotihuacan, Xihuingo and through the sacred ceremony to culminate here on the equinox with these loving guardians and experience your own metamorphosis.

Soak in their essence to your heart…

Sweet dreams,


PS Talk to me this week about coming with us on A >>Metamorphosis of the Heart<<