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Crystal antennae installed at place of 6th dimension

By May 10, 2019Blog

Last day at Teotihuacan – truly now I can agree, it IS the place of the 6th dimension… I’m seeing and perceiving energies at a new level. Peace, stillness, and ease are radiating.

I will always take a gift to these sacred sites and I also program crystals of all kinds at the sites as well. Here I am in the courtyard of the ancient (200 BC) Pyramid of the Moon built by Ancient aliens that are a mystery to archeologists.

This enormous courtyard included temples and classrooms for Mystery School teachings on elemental ALCHEMY, feminine intuitive arts and Metamorphosis. Initiations and sacred awakenings in this courtyard included working with the energies of transmutation and Creation (serpent), goddesses like the spider goddess, water goddess and the butterfly goddess. It was a rare thing to have large sure deducted to a Feminine entity.

I left a little green Crystal wand in the mouth of this serpent at the palace of Quetzalpapalote… Butterfly… Which is now like a Crystal antennae I can tune into. I am quantumly entangled with it… Forever!!

I love my multidimensional life and invite you to join me!