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Using Energy Healing to Fix your WIFI

By May 14, 2019Blog
With the grand ‘awakening’ happening on the planet, the most interesting things are possible. Instant manifestation, being able to perceive new things and understand new perspectives, even find new solutions.

Energy is the buzz word and even ‘muggles’ (very left brained people who do not pay conscious attention to energy) can feel it, even if they don’t know what to do with it, or if they want to believe it.

Doing Energy Work with this Ancient Carving of the Universe at a Sacred Site in Central Mexico

Energy medicine. Energy healing. Energy therapy, vibrational medicine… we are finally waking up to the truth: Everything is Energy.

So since you are energy, and everything else (including the internet, your computer and router and phone, and your body and the desk..) is energy, and your energy is already having an impact on everything you encounter, then why not learn to do it consciously!

In my LightBody™ School I love to see as the students blossom in their ability to affect change in their day to day life. As your awareness and sensitivity of the energy within everything increases, you can do everyday magic and miracles. The tools are simple and practical, so you can use them for all kinds of situations. I use them for bumps, bruises, slow cashflow, clearing my house…

We are All connected by the same energy – the same light

I thought I’d share a quick story about how I fixed our internet recently using energy work – LightBody Healing specifically.

LightBody™ healing is a form of energy medicine blended with science and the mysteries to remember how to use energy mastery for manifesting, healing, and spiritual growth. They key is to be able to use it right away, for everything, not only big challenges.

Working with energy is your natural state.

So we moved to a new, smaller and more rural town on the beach. They only got internet in this area a year ago! Internet is key to my business, so once we got settled in we set up a way to be able to use it, even though it is not strong enough to do live streaming, I can do most everything else.

Five days after moving in, we left town to do a sacred scouting trip to many pyramids in central Mexico like Teotihuacan. When we returned we discovered a big rain storm had come through and there was a flood in the kitchen floor and the internet was out.

Learning LightBody Energy Healing at BlissLife Equinox Retreat

After many calls we realized there was not much going to be done very fast, due to the rural location. Chris, my partner and internet expert went to take a nap as I continued to unpack and cleanse the house and the beautiful things I had returned with from our trip.

I was wandering down the hall past the internet box and router with my abalone shell full of white sage, burning it to ‘smudge” (cleanse) the energies in the house and me. I leaned over to smudge the internet router and as I asked for this to be “cleansed, cleared and aligned to the highest energies of love”, I thought “Why am I cleansing and clearing myself, the house, the statues etc… and why not the internet specifically?”.

My pattern was to leave it to Chris… so I paused and began to tune my energy in to the boxes and wires in the wall. I set aside my sage and rubbed my hands together to activate my Palm Portals™. I activated my LightBody and asked for a clear and open a connection to “the highest good” and allowed the connection between us to connect.

Energy Work we do at Vortexes and Sacred Spots is even more Powerful!

As I received feelings, colors, images and other forms of light and energy communication, I began to light weave to create movement where there was none. General rule #1 in energy work is to create movement or flow.

I did some LightBody™ Healing processes like Infinity Light weaving, to reconnect the router and the wires, the wires in the wall with the company and so on. I kept moving the energy back and forth, feeling that I was moving, blending, removing and infusing with my intention and movements.

I kept asking for flow and clarity. Then I activated a Clarity Power Program™ (a special LightBody tool that is used to bring high level Clarity to anything, anyone, anyplace. It is encoded with many elements that contribute to releasing anything that is negative or low energy and raising it into a clear state… the mind, an emotional block, a place or thing.

I continued by doing a couple of energy cleanses (these flush out stuck, blocked, dormant or unserving energies and bring in fresh ideal ones). I finished (5 minutes total maybe) by holding the space for the clarity, cleansing, and reconnection by being the clear and open channel for the clear connection.

Then I completed with a command and let it be and went on with my day.

2018 LightBody Healing Crystal Vortex Retreat

A little later Chris woke up and came to find me… “guess what? The internet is working! I walked by and the lights were on! I told him what I did and we ran to the router and internet box, had a happy dance and began to bombard the internet boxes with “Gratitude Power Programs™.

Remember to always send gratitude energy, a very high frequency state to anything you like and say thanks from your heart! Make it an energetic thank you, not just words! Living with the energy instead of fighting it and feeling stuck by it is such a delight!

You might have done something similar, just decided to focus on something and see it working, or erasing your fear and seeing the success and releasing the uncertainty. Whenever you consciously clear your energy, you can be the powerful creator you are designed to be and ‘little’ bits of daily magic happen all the time. 

I invite you to do it every day all day, and be sure you are aware of your energy while connecting. Your fear, fristratin, or anger is a part of what you will create if you do cleanse or weave it away first.

If you want to learn more about energy medicine, energy healing, communicating and creating consciously with all life and subtle energies… then talk to me or check out LightBody Healing School and our amazing way to learn it live at the Crystal Vortex retreat in July.

To your clear and flowing energy!



Imagine what Power you Hold in your Hands!

PS I love LightBody™ Healing tools because you can move, cleanse, release, uplift and transform energy, pretty much anywhere with anything or person.

Here is a message I got a couple days ago from one student:

“Nan, you are a beautiful blessing. I’ve been having an episode of shit, and just completed the Day 4 LightBody Healing activation. I am gratitude itself for having the tools to move through something that would’ve knocked me out for months. Namaste” ND