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The Solstice Gateway Journey

By June 21, 2019Blog

Time to receive more light! This year has been filed with cosmic opportunities to increase our-light quotient. This means you become lighter, mind, body, and emotions… you become more conscious and aware.

Tune In to our beautiful Atlantean guardians in Tula who will be our guides through the equinox portal in September.


This is called the time of Light Returning, the time of ascension, of metamorphosis into an eternal conscious being who can choose the life you live. Ascension is not floating away into the clouds, it is a real process of up-leveling your frequency until you restructure your body and LightBody into a new way of being.

Enjoy this Solstice Meditation. >CLICK HERE<. Listen to it as often as you like for the next week while you integrate the shift from the full moon & Lunar eclipse Monday through June and even into July.

You planting seeds for your reality for the next 6 months… what do you want your year to be like?

Rise through this time above it all and allow yourself to be cleansed and reminded of your divine nature


Perhaps you are ready to LET GO of your planning and thinking and pushing lifestyle and are ready to embrace more flow, more allowing, more guidance. This is the time to expand your mind into what you could be feeling, thinking and living.

You are the creator of your life. When you accept this you change down to your cells. So if you choose thoughts and feelings and beliefs of harmony, peace, compassion, your cells will renew themselves from that State or vibrational rate of consciousness.

Let go of anything you thought you had to be, have or do to be good enough, because the game has changed and now we are invited to rise up, be lifted, LIGHTEN UP and no longer trudge and struggle.

The temple of the sun, here you see at Teotihuacan where we will be for the September equinox, is an important portal for this day and time of the longest sun. The energy of the sun is the central sun and is your central power


Let go of the low states of consciousness, like guilt, blame, fear and shame… they no longer serve you and to be honest, may have no value or fulfillment to you anymore either.

I invite you to enter this time between now and the equinox (Sept. 23) with conscious intention of the STATE you desire and with complete surrender of controlling life and forcing outcomes the way you have in the past.
This is a new world, your thoughts and feelings have immense power.

Be in the flow.

Now… let’s enter this Solstice Portal