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The Solstice Portal Opens – Get READY!

By June 25, 2019March 24th, 2022Blog

Changes are happening so fast and breakdowns are being intensified. If you are going through transitions in your life that you never expected, or outcomes are shifting or what you were certain of is no longer certain… relax and do your best to enjoy the ride!

This is a time of change, uncertain, unseen and all new metamorphosis. More than ever before we need to be tuned in to the energies so we can read, listen and flow with the massive changes on earth at this time.

This is a time that has been prophesied for so long of a chance for us as humans and a planet to rise up to a whole new level of consciousness!

Tomorrow the Solstice Portal Opens! After Monday’s eclipse and full moon – which has hidden and then illuminated the most BIZARRE and amazing shifts… we enter the power of the summer solstice.

One of my clients said, “My understanding is that at the solstice we are staring down the barrel of the heart of the galaxy”!

WOW – indeed… so tomorrow watch for a powerful Solstice Meditation where I will help you navigate this tricky, powerful and uncertain time so you can GAIN and transform to your next level.

Remember ALL CHANGE REQUIRES breakdowns and as well as upleveling.

Watch to be sure you are not pushing your agenda or desires, and you relax into the flow, so you can allow the tide to nudge you into the current, instead of fighting it.

The Universe is on your side – but there is NO MAP for where we are… we must become the map readers… the navigators, steering our minds, hearts, and LightBodies into the optimal current for our flourishing and the planets healing and upleveling.

We are canceling the healing with crystals and light… after having to cancel and retry 7 + times, I stopped, looked t at the signs, listen deeply and went into a cocoon with the energies.

“NOT NOW”… “there is much to stir up, and redirect… THEN the crystals will come into play. there is another direction and another opening that is more important at the moment… so I am listening and will announce a NEW Challenge tomorrow at the Solstice…

YOU ARE UNIQUE AND AMAZING! because this HAS EVER HAPPENED IN HISTORY BEFORE… we are creating the reality, not living in it anymore!

This is exciting AND we have to be more fluid and flexible than ever before. That includes letting go of our agenda… so tune in and let’s FLOW together in this new tide!