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ENOUGH Busy-ness and Overwhelm

By June 28, 2019Blog

Have you had Enough constant busy-ness and overwhelm?

Have you had Enough of feeling behind, frustrated, stuck?

You are not alone!

The whole planet feels it… we are ready for something new! You can feel the frustration, yearning, even the dreaming we are all doing about a new, abundant and peaceful future.

Dreams of more than enough are not enough to break free from lifetimes of not enough… so we are going to use some secret power tools!

A too busy life, over commitment, burdensome obligations, guilt, not enough money, time, help… I see it all over and am no stranger to it.

It’s accepted as the norm. In fact many people get mad at you if you decide to not be too busy, too unhappy and live your own life!

“Who do you think you are?”! You really think you are so special you don’t have to suffer? You think you are good enough for that…? It upsets the mass conscious program if you unplug and say ENOUGH! I DO NOT have to be too busy AND I CAN have an easy, abundant life!

Overwhelm and being too busy is sucking your life force, and you will have a consequence. In fact, I have clients a=who are basically waiting for the crash to happen, so they have ‘permission’ to slow down or stop for a bit!

That’s just crazy, but accepted by our society.

STOP! SAY ENOUGH of leaking your happiness, your purpose. It is NOT moving you to the BlissLife you dream of. NO amount of hard work, forceful thinking or willpower will break you free, it only digs you deeper in. 

Overwhelm means ENOUGH!

Doing, thinking, worrying, TOO MUCH is NOT the way to fix or create your life! 

It’s an epidemic. We are actually conditioned to believe we cannot take time off, have an easy life, make money doing what we love, or take care of ourselves first.

We are cursed with shame and guilt if we actually think we are enough and get off the hamster wheel!

Can you relate to some of my clients and students who say things like “I never have enough time for…”, or “My day runs away with me and I never have time for my meditations…” or “my schedule isn’t my own, my family, my business all scoop me up and run me day to night?

Are you on the hamster wheel of ‘NOT ENOUGH’?

Do you feel like you never catch up, get it all done, or do it right? It’s LACK thoughts and a belief in NOT ENOUGH.

We have been led to believe if we work super long hours, think hard enough, pay our dues and suffer, and never think we are enough, oh and believe there isn’t enough for everyone… we will somehow turn that energy into a happy, successful and prosperous life!??

THINK about it for a minute…! That makes NO sense. If you put a bunch of crappy ingredients into a pan and cooked it up you are not going to have a delicious 5 star meal. Crap in crap out. Stress and lack of… means you keep creating more stress and lack.

I want to build a tunnel to ESCAPE the LACK, FEAR, NOT ENOUGH-NESS!

Come join me for the LACK Prison break!
10-day challenge… “ENOUGH” July 1-10.

Each day for 10 days starting July 1, you will receive a meditation – activation – deep healing around this highly charged topic of Enough/NOT Enough. It will reveal your ‘not enough’ energy attachments/thoughts/beliefs, free them and rewire the energy into new MORE THAN ENOUGH programs.

What would it feel like to be FREE from lack thinking… belief in not enough time, money or love?

What would it be like if you never made another decision from “I don’t have enough time/money/support…”?

Join me and kick off July, the new moon and a full solar eclipse (POW there’s some energy to rocket you out of lack) and do not spend another moment feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a schedule that is not lifting your life up, it’s not working. 

It’s not the solution.

We will transcend the old patterns, stories, results, news, routine of too busy “for me”, “to catch up”, “to take time off”, “to slow down” and enter enough, more than enough, infinite.

No excuses! Just say ENOUGH! to this illusion that you cannot have more time to yourself, or still make enough money if you work less, or work happier… and let’s reclaim the infinite abundance that is a reality ready and waiting for you.

You are moooooore than enough, whew! What an amazing being you are!



PS I want to take you on a 10-day journey to ENOUGH-NESS… a journey to freedom.

Starting July 1, you will receive a meditation – activation- deep healing around this highly charged topic of Enough/NOT Enough.

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