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Capture Saturn’s Bright Energy

By July 9, 2019Blog

Ready for a silver light infusion?

(July 9) we will be INFUSED with the bright shiny, silver light of Saturn. This gives you a glimpse of your true power, and a chance to step back into it… are you ready?

This week in the eventful July energy is abundant and you can see her rings all night with the GOOD FORTUNE of the stars of Sagittarius lighting up the background.

It’s time to take the seeds you planted in the eclipse last week (listen to that powerful meditative activation >here<, and shine the light of the Infinite field on them.

for Saturn’s presence, I will send you #2, a new “Walking through the Shadows into the  Light” Eclipse Season meditative activation to open you to this luminous light and reclaim the qualities of Saturn: dominance, power, and change.

Remember it is important to disconnect from the old ideas of who you are, what your limits are and what you can or cannot have. That is victimhood, this is a time of personal power, remembering our creative design and limitless nature.


Once you regain your own ‘dominance’ over your own life (step back into the captain’s chair), mind, feelings and actions… you have the power to create the change you want in your life… and reconnect to your infinite nature.

It’s all light, You are Light. 

It’s all love. You are love.

It’s all in about what’s encoded in your LightBody. You are LightBody.

We are rising from the shadows of millennial of choosing from the collective beliefs in lack, limitation and “dominance over” to the field of infinite possibilities.

It is time for you to step back onto the path your Soul intended… it is now being illuminated for you. Look for the next step…

It’s your turn to step beyond anything you have ever imagined into this moment in time – the transparent era of energy mastery.


On July 9, 16, 29 you will receive an all-new 30 minute guided meditative healing journey. Each one will focus on using this exceptionally powerful time of energies and the eclipse, new moon and other dark moments to release and renew ourselves.

You can reuse each of these daily to keep peeling deeper layers and discovering what you have hidden in the shadows of your inner world.

#1 for the New Moon Eclipse on July 2 is >here<

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