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MEDITATION Full Moon Eclipse

By July 16, 2019Blog

ARE YOU READY?! Time to GET SERIOUS about what MAKES YOU HAPPY IN LIFE! What brings love, abundance and joy into your home, your heart, your mind!

The next “Walking from the Shadows into the Light” Meditation is >here< – today is the Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse (5-5:30pm ET)!

Well, if you have not yet FELT this INTENSE cosmic moment, you will! WOAH…

I am riding it and it feels like riding a wild bronco and holding on does not work. Time to LET GO, SURRENDER and FLOW through this very intense week which predicts BIG CHANGES, BIG BREAKDOWNS and BIG SURPRISES

FULL MOON & Partial LUNAR ECLIPSE today (yet we have been feeling it for days… so think about any emotional, confusing or strange feelings or occurrences in your life recently… this may be the work of this cosmic scramble!)


If you KNOW you are ready for massive change, and you want support, guidance and to say “yes!” to it instead of struggling, then check out the upcoming Epic Equinox Event in September.

We ONLY can take a maximum of 4 more people… because we are getting very rare private access and ceremonies at ancient sacred sites and we will be working with a local Aztec family that includes real healers, wise elders, dancers, ceremonial leaders and more inside information than is available anywhere!

Cristian, and his Teotihuacan local Aztec Family will be a beautiful part of our Fall Epic Equinox Vision Quest to Teotihuacan Place of the 6th Dimension


What is it BEST to do during his MUEY INTENSE TIME?

As little as possible external rushing or pushing, it will most likely cause frustration, and confusion more than anything else. There is no certainty or full clarity in an eclipse energy – you are in the SHADOWS… and much is hidden from you, even though you may not think it. If you wait this week out, you will see HUGE shifts…


SAY YES – to deep introspection, willingness to SEE or REVEAL the OLD patterns that keep you stuck, out of integrity and attached to depression or lack of trust… see them, invite them to come out, accept them and then choose to release them so you can RISE UP TO A NEW LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS!

Here is the 3rd meditative healing activation for this month of the Eclipse Season. They are intended to be used over and over, so get the first two, and keep this one. They are very useful tools, take time to process this moment.

Pyramids of the Sun and Moon we will bless and activate from ABOVE in hot air balloons at the Fall Epic Equinox Vision Quest to Teotihuacan Place of the 6th Dimension

Anytime you feel called to the topic of the first two meditations, repeat:

Part 1 Reclaim Your Power Hidden in Your Shadows

Part 2 Rising Above Fear


It may not be pleasant, however THE BREAKDOWN, BLOW-UP ENERGY IS HERE… so whether you like it or not things are going to change this week for you, forever.

This golden opportunity moment of massive energies caused by the full moon and eclipse, but also many other cosmic alignments, is best used by:

1. Surrendering any “push, force, rush, busy” energy and doing your best to RELAX your body mind and emotional field so you can flow through this. Release any tension and attachment (“I have to have that”, “I must do this”, What if this doesn’t happen”

2. Tuning in to a clear idea (feeling) or what your new YOU will be – DO NOT try to control it! This is letting go, of conscious and unconscious shadows and so just FEEL IT and let it guide you. Feel what you MOST WANT TO FEEL – give into pleasure and nurture your Soul!  What will your new foundation of emotional boundaries be? SCVEPT THEY ARE PROTECTING AND NURTURING YOU to let go of waiting, and fear. Helping you to commit to what you are ready to BECOME for the next 6 months and the equinox!???????

3. Integrate your new awareness (from what inner ‘seeds’ you planted in the New Moon (repeat Meditation #1) in profound ways by OPENING THE DOOR to NEW BEGINNINGS that MAKE YOU HAPPY (your Soul, not your Ego or anyone else)!

Remember these are deep journeys and will take you into your own shadows so you can find your own light.

The impact of the energies right now will actually get stronger as the year progresses! Be sure to plan time for yourself to do your inner work, so you are consciously walking through the energies and allowing them to guide and support you.

YOU CAN’T HIDE… this is a moment of transparency, so what falls open, is for you to see, not avoid! Then Pluto is here, as a kind of midwife, as you walk through these shadows. Pluto is a planet that awakens your power, transformation, and the ability to accelerate your cleansing, to be reborn and purge and emerge LIGHTER and totally renewed!

LET’S GO – there’s no time to wait! Go >HERE< now to listen to the meditative healing activation.

Ask yourself:

“AM I ready and willing to embrace a NEW JOURNEY from this moment on and surrender to this energy to SHED the old, the shadows, the fear… and embrace the Light?”

What fears of thoughts come up when you ask yourself that?

A Celestial Cleansing!! Note that because this is guidance on what you are meant to SHED right now, it may feel weird or scarey – that is the point and you will get the “spiritual 2×4” if you don’t let go and FLOW (right now – don’t say “I’m too busy, later…) so you can BECOME something lighter and brighter!

What has been is rising to the surface, becoming transparent, so you can release it, and detach and rise to a whole new level of WOKE… of consciousness and creation.

Whatever is coming is SO MUCH BETTER than ANYTHING you have ever had, that it is optimal for you to let go and walk into the shadows… this is a moment of accelerated healing, manifesting and transformation.

Now Declare to Yourself & the Universe:

I AM READY & WILLING to Embrace a NEW mindset and NEW Emotional boundaries that SUPPORT ME to Live the Life My SOUL intended! I release the past identity NOW!

I NOW ALIGN to my HIGHEST GOOD and LET GO of ALL past attachments to people, success and ideas of who I am!

I SHED the old, familiar yet unserving, heavy Patterns NOW, FREEING myself to completely transform my identity!

I ACCEPT and TRUST my inner guidance as this METAMORPHOSIS HAPPENS… I ACCEPT the TURNING OF THE TIDE happening right now… I Accept my Breakdowns and breakthroughs now! I walk through the Shadows with LOVE and LIGHT in my HEART and through the doorway of INFINITE POTENTIAL!

I AM that I AM. I AM love. I AM Light. I am aligned with the purpose my Soul intended!

Full Moon – after the eclipse is a celebration of abundance, a balancing the sacred masculine and divine feminine energies to reveal your Soul Purpose!

Metamorphosis of the Heart with the Atlantean Women Guardians at the Equinox Vision Quest.

WATCH for the signs – they are everywhere, and remember you are in the dark shadows until tomorrow afternoon… let your intuitive feminine powers guide you.

Share this with anyone you love, and let us know what you experienced!

LIGHT for you as you walk this dark path,

>Full Moon Eclipse Meditation< will guide you to allow what is buried to emerge, release not judge what appears, and close the book on your past.

The divine feminine intuitive “you” will help you set yourself free from outside authority and reclaim your own inner guidance as the highest authority in your life!