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LIONS GATE MEDITATION – Declare Conscious Courage

By August 8, 2019Blog

What a Joyful Day!

Today is the LIONS GATE!

Our spiritual Sun (Sirius) and the Sun come together to create a portal to INFINITE Courage, Power and Harmony!

I INVITE YOU INTO YOUR NEW REALITY – Conscious Courageous Living
Get the Conscious Courage Activation for 8-8 >here<.

Today is KEY to your abundance, joy, and growth, so stop and take time to listen deeply to my BlissLife Podcast meditation and activation.

We are at the PEAK of the Lion’s Gate today (it opened July 26 on the Mayan New Year’s Day and closes August 12).

The “Lion’s Gate” is an annual cosmic event that opens a door to a new power for your fresh new level of awareness after the LONG Solstice/Eclipse Season.

We have been broken down this year – freed from our old beliefs and paradigms and now we must gain the courage and inner strength to pop out of the STATE we have been living in and like the butterfly – FLY UP to OUR NEW Life with our NEW Abilities!

We are in a Massive Metamorphosis together as humanity, the planet and the multiverse raise to a new level of consciousness.

The meaning of the # 8 (8th day of the 8th month) is
Infinity or the Infinite field of abundance, your nature as an eternal Soul. It is also Harmony & Balance with Abundance & Power. Just what you need to take flight after shedding so much this year.

Nothing works the way it used to, and it will not be going back to the way it was.

Join me as we gather our inner power, strength, and courage to use what has broken free in our lives to soar to new heights of joy, love, and creativity.

In this powerful portal today August 8, we connect to and allow the LION ENERGY to infuse us to BECOME the RULER – or “KING” of our own reality!

Experience breaking free from your cocoon of old patterns, beliefs, and thoughts and embrace your new ‘shape’ and energy.

It’s time to be who you were designed to be and let go of ego wants. You must free yourself from all subconscious beliefs of what you were told you had to be or must have to be successful or good enough.

The Lion’s Gate is about the Sun and Sirius and ORION! Orion aligns with the Great Pyramid in Egypt today, so tune in and receive the energies being released for us!

Conscious Courage is not force and fear and proving anything. It is about allowing your consciousness to raise, clearing the path and your mind for new love, power, and harmony.

Success is not anyone else’s reality, it is yours alone. You must now define it for yourself, and free yourself from the bondage of old ways.

You will never succeed until you SHED the “you” you have been living. The old you, is like the skin of a snake that outgrows it’s skin and must shed it to grow into who it has become. That ‘you’ was built on lies, false desires, and other people’s fear and opinions.

Let it go and allow yourself to be raised up to the highest optimal level of consciousness for you at this time.

You are ready, trust me.

Let’s soar together!


Please share what you experience with me on my facebook group “Living the Light” >here< and forward this audio to anyone you care about!