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A Channeled Message from Isis

By August 22, 2019Blog

It is my wish that in these strange, wonderful, dramatic, peaceful, transformational times that you are finding space, time, and willingness to love yourself more.

Accepting who you are is on the table right now for everyone, front and center.

That means that the doorway is opening for you to actually experience true, deep, conscious transformation in any and all areas of your life.

Enjoy these photos from a beautiful evening and video mapping show that included the kind of play with live actors. This is in the gorgeous grand square of beautiful Merida, Mexico


However, of course there is a price to pay, so to speak. The price is letting go of who you are – who you’ve been – because you’re ready to become who you intended in this life.

This weeks >BlissLife podcast< I’m sharing a channeled message I received from Isis during our LightBody School class yesterday.
*channeling starts at 7 1/2 minutes 7.30

We were discussing how accepting who you are, where you are and everything in your life allows you to rise above and see INFINITE solutions! Abundance!

It’s time you fully embrace your power and your beauty. You can learn to transcend the fear, guilt, shame and blame that’s been holding you from letting go and coming into harmony with your true essence.

We can no longer live with the busy, pushing and forcing lifestyle that we’ve all been sucked into.

Beautiful video mapping on the grand Square in Merida, Mexico with a couple doing a traditional dance.

Take time for you to accept who you are, and rise above it all – consciously. Be the observer of your life, your patterns, your gifts, and what’s calling you forward to your BlissLife.

Take time today to realize you have energetic attachments to beliefs, thoughts, emotions, people, jobs, situations, habits… and it’s OK!  Everyone does. Let go of feeling bad about it and let’s embrace these important and powerful parts of ourselves and reclaim our power and energy.

You have the knowledge, love, and power to free yourself from them and embrace completely the new ones that match your hearts desires.


“I am designed this way on purpose in co-creation with a higher wisdom! I ACCEPT ME! I consciously agree to see, think and act with COMPASSION towards ALL parts of me.

I am ready to be me, enjoy me, and express me freely from my heart!” 

And take a moment each day to think about how you are judging, ashamed of, or blaming yourself. Then breathe in acceptance for exactly who you are, exactly where you are, and the infinite you!

Enjoy this BlissLife podcast “A Channeled Message from Isis to Become the Observer and Free Yourself”.


My beloved Chris and I in an open air art exhibit off the grand plaza of Merida,Mexico