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By August 29, 2019Blog

Welcome to the new Moon!

This is truly juicy, and don’t we deserve it?

Hasn’t this been an incredibly intense and yet incredibly powerful energetic experience this summer?

This new moon is juicy and delicious, abundant and supportive, strong, confident and creative. Feel it awaken the strength in your sacral chakras (your womb area energy center where you hold much power).

Because this is all about expressing yourself!

Creativity is the name of the game, however, it has to be about getting in touch with your most passionate desires and sharing them!

You’re going to feel a burst of energy, the key is to know how you want to direct energy! So now is the time to get prepared. Act as if you’re ready to receive this intense infusion of energy, strength, courage, excitement, romance…

Get Ready for true positive change.

This is the best time in a long time to start something new!

Be aware of what you have recently let go of or been broken free of. Everyone has had massive shifts… so take the pieces of you that were broken down and plant new seeds of possibility.

Question all the “old” things in your life. Old energies, habits, beliefs, thoughts, behaviors… It’s time to make progress, no longer wishing and wanting.

It’s time to step out completely vulnerable because you don’t know who you are becoming yet…

That’s where the juiciness is!

Do this >New Moon Journey< with me and pretend your life is a romance, filled with passion, creativity. love, harmony, sexiness… Find new and inventive ways to be the new you that is coming into shape.


Open the door, your guides are knocking, They want to lend you their powers:

  • Receive strength from Mars!
  • Receive love from Venus!
  • Feel the strong and loving communication between those two and allow Mercury to lend you the power of clear conscious communication.
  • Open the door to Uranus and let in exciting change!

I strongly recommend you take advantage of this golden archway as the new moon is opening. This is a time to dream BIG, FEEL how you truly desire, and open to magic and abundance.

Question what you want and ask yourself “do I really want this now in my life? Is this really what is optimal for me? Or am I doing it for the past version of me, or out of fear, or because someone else wants me to?

Align with what you truly desire from the deepest part of your heart! Get in touch with your most passionate desires… and SHARE THEM!


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