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Jaguar Spirit Podcast Journey

By September 19, 2019September 23rd, 2019Blog

Are you ready for the Equinox?

The next epic step in our evolution… the next epic energetic shift (as if we hadn’t had enough quantum leaps this year) is in three days.

Let’s prepare for this upcoming equinox shift!



Jaguar Spirit Podcast Journey go >>here<< to listen.

This is a very unusual experience for me because for the last five equinoxes, the last 2 1/2 years I have done an epic Equinox Mayan Dolphin Retreat in the Mayan Riviera and the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico.


BlissLife Equinox Retreat 2


It’s become a passion, an awakening, a healing and a huge part of my life purpose. When I arrived here, I had no idea I would be staying for 3+ years. I came for 3 months, on my way to Thailand to begin to live and travel slowly around the world with my beloved Chris.

The magic began as soon as I landed and has only escalated since I have been here. Discovering all of these places and people and memories of “past” lives opened me to what I had been wanting to do for over a decade. Sacred site retreats that incorporated unique, healing, fun and spiritual experiences unavailable anywhere else.


The beautiful “emerald Coast” beach I live on



Since beginning these BlissLife Retreats (next one is in Jan 2020 to set the energies for the new decade 2020 – in >Teotihuacan<) the impact each one has had on us and the people who attended is so deep it is hard to describe.

This year, my soulmate Chris had a severe seizure, and since then our lives have changed completely. I had to cancel the LightBody Crystal Retreat and this equinox one, as Chris heals.


Dzibilchaltun Mayan Pyramid site



So you can imagine how strange it feels to be home, and not about to begin an epic adventure with a group of amazing equinox explorers!

Today’s podcast we are going to prepare for the equinox, and on Monday I will also do a special activation with you! I will have videos and photos from Dzibilchaltun Mayan Pyramid site, where I will be doing a private ceremony with Chris and I (or maybe just me, as we do not know when Chris will be able to go out or not).

The Equinox is Monday, Sept. 23 – go somewhere special!


Dzibilchaltun, the most ancient of the Mayan sites found to date, the Temple of Seven Dolls


We will be going to a new Mayan sacred site and Pyramid. In Dzibilchaltun, the most ancient of the Mayan sites found to date, the Temple of Seven Dolls is an imposing structure built on a pyramidal base. The doorways were built in exact solar alignment with the rising sun, and the rays will shine through the portal on Monday!


Monday’s Equinox Podcast Journey


We love living in nature, on the beach and are appreciating the gifts of this time and situation. Please find the beauty in your life, right now, it is FULL of gifts of deep purpose. Since we’ve moved over into the Yucatán Peninsula where we are living in a very tranquil and remote beach on the emerald coast – the gulf in Chicxulub, and Chris’s seizure and subsequent healing, our lives have simplified and enriched. Our spirits have opened wider, our awareness has up-leveled and our love deepened.

“Everything is opportunity” – Jordan Anne (my daughter who passed on 23 years ago)


Chris, Nan, Dolphin Donna


PS Hopefully we will be able to play in the Dzibilchaltun Cenote – the sacred well at this site. They found over 30,000 sacred objects from the ancient Maya in it!