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Epic Equinox Audio Journey Ready For You

By September 23, 2019May 21st, 2020Blog

Blessings on this exquisite equinox!

I am excited to share this powerful Equinox Activation and photos of the sacred Mayan site we went to this morning; Dzilbilchaltun.



As the most Ancient as well as the longest continually inhabited site, the energies are soft yet strong, the jungle is full of flowers and butterflies and you can feel the reverence for the Sun and its life-giving secrets.



Dedicated to the Sun, the archway of the Temple of the 7 Dolls (“dolls” refer to the sculpted figures found in the temple, this is not the original name) aligns with the sunrise on the equinoxes (photo below).



Once over 40,000 people lived here and the extensive ceremonial center has only been about 10% excavated.



The cenote (‘sacred well’ to the Mayans) is a gorgeous pure water hole half-filled with water lilies! (see above). What a gorgeous symbol of awakening the inner eye (which you will do in the journey).



In this podcast, I guide you on a Jaguar Equinox Vision Quest through the gates in between the worlds.



Experience an Equinox Activation at the Ancient Mayan site of Dzibilchaltun, known for the Temple of the 7 Dolls. These represent the 7 celestial guides, gateways or spheres: Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun.



You will experience joining the ancient Maya ancestors in a circle with the “Mayan Blue Heart of Truth”. Be guided through the 7 secret gateways and use this balanced time of the equal equinox energies to heal, release, and rise up in this epic guided journey.



Be sure to be somewhere quiet, where you can lay or sit comfortably, turn off notifications and phones, etc, close the door, bring our journal for after your journey and enjoy!


In Lak’ech Ala Kin – We are one!



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I suggest you do both of them several times over the next week.

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