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Emotional Hangover

By October 10, 2019Blog

I think you’ll love the podcast that I’ve created for you this week.

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One of the things that I see over and over is how powerful our emotions are. They can knock you down, dramatically change your mood, drain your physical energy and mental clarity and even make you sick.

In my LightBody School (Life School) I teach that your emotional body is your power plant. Your emotional field or your emotional body is filled with intense, powerful energy, that you can use for anything you want.

You could use it to get the courage, confidence, and energy to go out and speak your truth, ask for what you want, share your brilliance. You can also be drained of your energy and feel tired and depressed When your emotional body triggered the low energy emotional state.

Enjoy, share and let me know what else you would like to hear me talk or do a guided process for!


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