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No Energy? Feel drained…

By October 17, 2019Blog

I want to help you Protect yourself and your family from Energy Drains!

“My husband and I are feeling like someone is taking all our energy and we’re sleeping a bit in the afternoons to keep up”… a tribe member asked me the other day.

I hear a lot recently ‘It’s intense right now”, “I am tired all the time…”, “I feel stuck, or slow or like something is weighing me down…”.

I know I have been going to bed ridiculously early (8/9 pm) for someone who never went to bed before midnight!

It’s an intense time, and yet so beautiful! Often as you are ready to uplevel to the next state of consciousness for you, you get very tired, and often feel held back or weighed down by energies that never bothered you before. You are awakening your senses, and that can be overwhelming or exhausting at times. 

This week I answered a question on how to handle what was going on with energy, and I thought I’d share it with you!

“My husband and I are.feeling like someone is taking all our

energy and we’re sleeping a bit in the afternoons to keep up.

Is it the moon taking it? I’m going to bed early at around 9 pm too!

It feels like flu but I know it isn’t…he feels the same. No energy.

But I’m mustering what I can to put into my work today!” AS

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Some other ideas to protect yourself from being drained by anything outside of you:

Sleep with or wear Black Obsidian (absorbs heavy negative energies, protects you from energies that are not yours or are not optimal for you.

Check the EMF levels in your house or work and make simple changes to keep from being drained of energy by electromagnetic fields. You would be amazed at how high big computer monitors, laptops, and even the plugs on table lamps can be in radiation. It silently sucks you dry! (Check out ).

Herbs, smudge, incense, all cleanse the energy and create a safe space for tranquil regeneration. Us white sage, sweetgrass or copal, Cleanse your house with the smoke, or bells, or even put some salt, sea salt or rock salt in the corners of rooms, or on the edges of the house and use your breath to blow out all “un-serving energies”.

Hold the intention that “all energies that are not optimal for me and this house and my family at this time” now leave with grace and ease!

Meditation, calm music, peaceful thoughts, and NO STRESSFUL news, noise, and conversations all contribute to a more peaceful and healing space for you to live and recharge in. Especially about an hour or so before bedtime, take the lights, the tv, the energy down into peaceful, nurturing tones.

Cleanse your thoughts, stand in the shower and imagine the water is pouring over your head is light and it is cleansing your mind, removing all negative thoughts, unconscious fears, and beliefs that drain your energy.

Weave your energy to remove toxic feelings and bring in lighter energy. Create movement in your body or energy field when it feels sluggish, slow, stuck or clogged. See and feel an infinite flow coming to and through you of lifeforce energy and CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT.

If someone is draining your energy, intentionally or not, flush your LightBody (energy and physical body) and reconnect the flow to your own highest guidance. Unhook from attachments to what anyone else thinks, says or does. DO NOT LET OTHERS HAVE POWER OVER YOU. Thoughts, feelings, fears… take it all back and your energy will rise.

On the podcast, I’ll talk about some more energy work and other things to do when you feel like this.

Enjoy! Share! BE the best you and have a blast!

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