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Lift your MOOD

By October 24, 2019Blog

It has been a really intense year, and the last few weeks too… so let’s do some energy mastery so you can lift yourself up anytime you need it, anywhere!

I LOVE to teach how to sense and direct energy in my LightBody School… and most of all I love to see what happens when a student learns to be able to sense and shift their mood, their State of consciousness… their perspective… on demand.

Let’s you and I just dive into some easy, fun, flowing ways to shift your energy. Every time you do, you become one step closer to mastering your own energy!

Let’s play together for a month and LIFT your MOOD! Get ready for a huge sense of relief, waves of joy and to be amazed

Over the next 4 weeks, I’ll send you one LIFT YOUR MOOD Podcast in this 4 Part Series.

1. Feed your EYES – this week!
2. Energizing Objects of Power – week 2
3. Uplifting Listening – week 3
4. Return the Gifts – week 4

>Click Here< now to start listening to the first Lift Your Mood Podcast: Feed your Eyes!

When you make a conscious decision to surround yourself with decorations, nature, colors, and shapes that you find BEAUTIFUL… you are tapping into Power.

Beauty is power.

The reason “beauty IS in the eye of the beholder” is because beauty is subjective and holds powerful energy. Energy is subjective and what you enjoy, find pleasing or fun or uplifting, may do the opposite to someone else.

Since everything is energy (including you) and energy is expressed in color, scent, liquid or solid, calm or windy… you relate to it from your own unique perspective.

Color is a great example. Do you have a color you love? Hate? Think for a minute and imagine if your walls in your house were all painted the color you hate… how would it feel to be home? Would you get good rest? Feel safe, calm and happy? No….

All energy is affecting you. Surrounding yourself with what YOU perceive is beautiful is very healing and empowering – in a BIG way.

I dislike the color orange for many different reasons. I don’t mind a pretty pattern that contains a little bit of orange but I don’t want orange pillows, sheets, towels or walls. Why? Because it lowers my energy, makes me feel icky. Low energies block my mind and generally make me feel a sense of unrest and a desire to leave.

I also LOVE the color turquoise, and all things with the ocean, mermaids and blues to blue-greens. Those colors have an energy that makes me feel FANTASTIC! Happy, light, positive, creative, energized.

That is POWER. The Power to make me feel (lighter or heavier) just by being, by me seeing it! When you are affected enough by what you perceive to be beautiful or ugly, and you have to change because of that “thing” (towel, view, couch color) – that is energy that can drag your mood down, or lift it up!

For most of my life my room, house, yard, office, clothes… have been very important to me. If it’s decorated in a way that I like with symbols, colors, designs, crystals, blues, purples, sparkles… I feel GREAT! They are my power vibe! Things that make me happy that gives me joy just from looking at them!

When you make a conscious choice to see the beauty and find beauty, you now have an ally. When you feel Joy – you change your body chemistry and increase neuroplasticity! Choose to be in a place of beauty (to you) so you feel happy, creative and naturally in a higher state of consciousness.


Don’t take this lightly. Seriously look around your house and if there are things that you don’t like, change it. Dump the clutter, change colors that are heavy, get rid of things  someone gave it to you that you no longer resonate with… whatever it is, if it does not inspire joy, beauty, peace… if it doesn;t feed your eyes and nurture you, get it out of your vision and your life!

Share your beauty, find beauty, create beauty!

Beauty holds power because when you can look at something you think is beautiful (your baby, the beach, a rainstorm, a rainbow, exquisite flowers) you literally feed your soul, your body and LightBody through your eyes.

Listen now and share the uplifting!

Lift your Mood Series BlissLife Podcast

Feed Your Eyes.. beauty is power.