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Lift Your Mood with Power Objects

By October 31, 2019Blog

This week’s BlissLife podcast is the second in our series Lift Your Mood.

Energizing Objects of Power

What are energizing objects of power?

Since everything is Energy… even you, you are affected by ALL things (energy) around you.

So this week we dive into the simple yet powerful technique of having POWER OBJECTS on or around you and your home or office to Lift Your Mood.


Energizing Object’s of Power: Thoth, Egyptian God of Magic, Science, Writing:  black stone protects, I personally bought it in Egypt a very powerful energy came with me.

These objects can be ones that carry and bring special power or energy because of where they’re from or what they’re made of. That would include things like statues, crystals, paintings or even stones you found on the ground in a secret site.

These objects that energize you and lift your mood could also be things that are mundane. Every day things are something that you inherited from your grandmother or something that you just like the way it looks and it lifts your energy up.

These objects (because of who you think of when you see them) can energize you and raise your vibration. They can also be blessed or communicated with consciously so as to interview them within powering energies.



Energizing Objects of Power: I put these empowering objects on a pretty tray so I can carry it to the room or place I want it. I can add and remove different elements as the need arises. You can see it includes stones, shells, coral, evil eye bead, Ganesha pendant (remover of obstacles – yay!). I even have a piece of Ayahuasca root from my shaman in the lotus-shaped holder, wands and crystals that have gone with me many times for ritual at sacred times (Full moon, equinox) as well as places (pyramids, caves, shamanic ceremonies…). Layers of uplifting power in these objects. They have their own unique power and all the personal meaning and energies that have been added with use.



Often when I would sell a home I would place a crystal or another object in the center of the home. I would spend time with the crystal talking to it and programming it. I ask it to bring out its natural healing qualities and put out a fountain of energy continuously into the house. Then anyone who entered would feel this welcoming, loving energy.

This is another level of having energizing objects within your house. You can consciously and intentionally work with them and program them for specific purposes.

This includes jewelry and anything you wear on you. Get creative!



Energizing Object’s of Power: Mayan sculptures of power animals (Jaguar from my favorite Mayan pyramid Coba) or the Atlantan Guardian made from obsidian, from the sacred site of Tula. Orgonite pyramids (power in the shape and the materials) with turquoise and rose quartz. Citrine (clarity), amethyst (spiritual connection to your true powers)…


What would infuse your mind, emotions or space with love and comfort? Courage or creativity?

Listen to this week’s BlissLife podcast and find out what my favorite objects are and other creative ways to empower yourself to stay in higher states of consciousness and enjoy a light-filled life.


This painting is in my bedroom. This is a beach house that I rent furnished, and it’s one of the few pieces I don’t take down. I’m very sensitive to the decorations in my house. This one I kept because I love the ocean and the palm trees. It fills me with happiness and high vibes when I lay in bed and look at it.


Enjoy the podcast “Energizing Objects of Power” and please share this free powerful resource!

Sending you lots of yummy energy to you,


Here I am doing a powerful activation at an ancient Maya Pyramid. This is an object of energizing empowerment to me, even though I cannot have it in my house, I can go to be with it!

I would love to know how you like the Podcasts, what you feel, your experience and what topics you would like to hear about in the future.