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Xman Initiation Site Vortex

By November 20, 2019Blog

Blessings on this windy fall starry night…



Yesterday some visiting friends and a fellow energy worker (yay!) took us to a new Mayan Pyramid only 20 minutes away from our beach house in the Yucatan.



Xcambo was an ancient Mayan Xman (Shaman) initiation site. As we entered I spoke to the land, the ancestors and connected in love to ask permission to enter. This is important in ancient and power sites. They are filled with powerful energies and you want to be respectful and in harmony.



We climbed all the pyramids and sacred plaza structures and the energies were pleasant, balanced and powerful in a deep mystic way.



I kept seeing circular pits and structures and got a Sacred vibe from it.

Similar to a “kiva” like energy (Southwest native Americans had sacred pits they did a ceremony in that were circular and in the earth like a womb) I could sense the ceremony that took place here, and also the strength in the X man that left here.



I was unsure of a circular chamber that no longer had walls and gets spiraling energy. My crown chakra opened and a labyrinth awareness in my mind and brain.



An energy spiraled up my body and out my head, curved to the right, down around my body and came back up through my feet and my central channel of my LightBody.

Then it came out my crown, through the center of my brain and curved to the left. Perfectly balancing my brain, right and left, feminine and masculine.

It was a light and uplifting energy that had a sense of groundedness to it… like a perfect between spiritual and physical.


The circular initiation chamber


After we left we discovered this was an initiation site for Xman (Mayan priests and priestesses)!! And that the purpose of this site was specifically to balance the masculine and feminine!

The energies are so alive in these anxiety sacred places and the time has come to these the light and wisdom of the heart encapsulated in these sites.

Receiving an initiating is a blessing and then requires introspection and being present to the shifts within. It’s been an amazing experience and I look forward to bring some groups here to receive openings that bring you closer to your purpose and power.

Watch for an all-new healing and joyful retreat coming soon to start the new decade in loving, soft sensorial headings and joyful experiences.

2020 is coming… are you ready?



Start cleansing and preparing to enter 2020 as pure and passionately aligned with your purpose as possible. It’s very important and very delicious!