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Favorite Animal Spirit Guides?

By November 26, 2019Blog

Would you tell me your favorite animal spirit guides, please?

The dragonflies are dancing outside the sliding glass doors from my beach home ‘office’. As I gazed at the ocean tuning my energy into my writing project… they kept attracting my attention and soon I was off on a reverie with them!

They journeyed with me, taking me beyond the illusion of my reality, past the forms in front of my eyes… ocean, palm tree, hammock, pelican. We sailed through the veil and into the mist of shimmering blue and green energies. I was lost in this mystical, yummy journey to another realm long enough to feel surprised as the ocean slowly came back into view and I felt the ocean breeze again… heard the gentle waves…

I LOVE dragonflies! For many years they made me feel magical, innocent like a child, and full of wonder. I always felt like something wonderful was about to happen when they appeared… and disappeared. They indeed do have the symbolism of moving through the veil of illusion, being connected to etheric realms and they bring a message and blessing every time they come!

This made me think of what your favorite spirit animal guide was? Would you hit “reply” and tell me? (shhh I am creating something awesome for you that has to do with animals…).

After I “grew up”, I began to find my way back to my magical communications. I awakened to my purpose and got on my spiritual path. This began with animals and I re-opened my ability to communicate with nature and spirit realms (I had as a child – how about you?) I connected with animals and they guided me into the world of spirit, healing, energy… and unconditional love.

I began a business called “Gentle Touch Animal Care” petsitting animals in my town where there were more horses and dogs than people. This led me to study with animal communicators, Linda Tellington Jones animal healer and other exceptional healers and pioneering energy researchers around the world.

I did more and more healing with animals and then their people asked me to heal them! I mentored with an amazing woman in France who created entire maps of the energy centers and other elements of dogs, cats, and horses so healing frequencies could be specifically attuned to them. We treated up to 20 or more people and animals all around the world at the same time with radionics instruments (frequency healing and other energy medicine like homeopathy, flower essences, and more) and I got to see stunning healing results!

I always loved animals, andmoving to New Mexico landed me in the “Land of Enchantment”, indeed magical! My healing and spiritual path opened quickly as new worlds opened before me from metaphysics to Native American traditions. Shamans, power vortexes and sacred sites, and spirit channels guided my awakening.

I’ve had so many powerful, multidimensional experiences from Egypt to sweat lodges with Native American Shamans, most beloved in my heart are my first loving guides the animal kingdom.

I even spent 4 months studying at the Albuquerque zoo becoming a docent, a volunteer. I got to go behind the scenes with the keepers and touch many animals, even held a python! Walking alpacas and teaching about the white tigers was an excuse to go be near nature and animals.

I began to increase my senses and connection with animals and animal consciousness that were no longer in the body. I worked with people’s animals on behavior, illness, and dying. The more I touched and ‘spoke’ to the animals, the more healing and insight they gave me. This led to me doing animal communication and healing, even after they left their bodies.

One day I was looking at the white tigers before I went home. I adored them and yet, felt a deep sadness they were in captivity. Suddenly they were in my head, loud and clear “Please stop that…”!

They explained that by feeling sad for them I was dragging their energy down. Sending pity or seeing them as victims was hurting them energetically, not helping at all! They showed me how when you see someone as powerless you disempower them!

The white tigers said they were here on purpose and they were strong sentient beings who had a destiny of their own. They asked me to respect that and to admire and love them for their choice. This would build them up, give them strength, and in return they gave me a HUGE leap in my consciousness.

Animals are powerful healers, they are not attached emotionally like we are and they hold powerful wisdom and abilities and have missions to fulfill! They have energy structures that help them to use their powers and they bring a specific QUALITY to the planet to share. Dog’s embody the quality of loyalty. Cats embody the quality of detachment…

Through the years animals have continued to be important healers, companions, and guides for me and my work. They moved from being only physical animals to Animal Spirit Guides.

My cat Sasha walked with me a long time after her physical body death. Horses are my sign, and as I learned to heal with them, I felt an understanding within of my true nature I had not been able to access through my low self-esteem programming.

During my sweat lodge with the Sioux, an owl came to me in a vision. I began to speak with ants, spiders, and other insects and we came to an agreement about coming into my house because I didn’t want to use poisons. I worked with people who had visions and healing from animal spirits and after moving to Mexico 3 years ago the dolphin dove into my life and the jaguar animal spirit guide came to me and has guided me since to xman, and sacred places and healings.

All my BlissLife equinox retreats have been filled with magical experiences like so many bees buzzing they levitated us! Rare birds toning and singing with us during our meditations and birds reweaving and attuning our crown chakras.

A tarantula even crawled into the middle of our circle on the top of Coba, the tallest ancient Maya pyramid at dawn while we were there in ceremony and died!!! That’s a huge honor if you know about spider woman who weaves the web of the world choosing to transition from her body and leave her energies with us during my guided activation!

The animal spirit guide power is immense and deep right now as we prepare for a very important transition into 2020 and a new decade! I am called once again to travel, talk and vision with them…

I am creating something amazing for you, so watch in a day or so… in the meantime, would you tell me your favorite animal or spirit animal experience? I’d really appreciate it!

Much love,