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Your Bliss Cocoon is waiting! January retreat finalized to begin the new decade!

By November 26, 2019Blog

It has come together finally and it is set, so you can make plans with no worries. It will be different than anything in the past, more soft, more healing, more deep, more yummy food, and sensory experiences, art and expression, mixed with ancient healings and lots of water purification. Less travel, less long days and only one sort of early morning (6am).

This retreat is special because the new year 2020 has very unique energies and the new decade promises to be stunning in the shift UP to higher States IF you shed the old and enter pure.

That is why I designed this to be a Cocoon – you enter, melt, release, are nurtured, filled with pleasure and love, and are reborn Light and the you your Soul intended, ready to have a spectacular new decade!

Details are below, we are finishing the page and video and I will be doing a Livestream on it soon… however you get first dibs on your spot. Be sure to read the details at the end if you are interested in coming, about applying your credit and booking a room in the house etc.

Bliss… enjoy a tranquil, delicious, peaceful healing and purification Cocoon for 5 days on the Flamingo coast of the sunny Yucatan.

You will enjoy healings, and sensory experiences, luxury food outings, sacred ceremonies and delicious treats of all kinds. It is based at our beach house in Chicxulub, where we will be enjoying the beautiful colonial city of Merida, Yucatan. Merida is a gorgeous city with much art, culture, and beauty and is the SAFEST CIty in all of the USA, Mexico and South and Central America and is about 45 minutes from our beach home/healing temple.


Beautiful Merida!


Merida is filled with beauty, buildings, art, museums and entertainment. A perfect blend of Maya and Mexica



Stunning Light Show (video mapping) Friday night in Merida


Merida Monument to celebrate all the peoples of Mexico.


Magical Maya items at the Merida Museums


Live Jazz Brunch Sunday at the gourmet Rosas y Xcolate Hotel & Spa


A Yucatan gourmet tradition – chaya (Maya spinach) cream on eggs and pumpkin seeds!


Watch as Meridians stroll and bike by on the beautiful Paseo Montejo as you enjoy your brunch at Rosas y Xocolate

The main event is at the beach house – literally ON the beach, with private pool, boat swings and outdoor shell shower, palapas… The magic of nature surrounds you – beautiful clear green ocean, so shallow you swim or walkway out to the edge of the Chicxulub Meteor Crater and only be up to your hips! We are perched on the ridge of the meteor that ‘killed” the dinosaurs which landed here, out in the Gulf waters and the land we live on is magical because it is the result of the hot meteor melting the inner earth and it bubbling up to form this ring and forming the cenotes!

Bedroom balcony views


Private pool with a swing!

You can process your deep healings with chocolate treats, massages and walks on the white sand beach or stargaze by the ceremonial fire pit on the beach under the stunning array of stars beaming from their nest in the velvet black night sky (we are remote so no light pollution!).
Sunsets and sunrises are gorgeous here and maybe you will see your own special shooting star from afar – because that’s what YOU are!
With the ocean in front, salt wetlands and jungle behind us, you will be wrapped in the tranquil beauty of the Emerald Coast, the ancient Maya essence (many Maya civilizations ruins nearby) and the amazing support of the birds, dragonflies, iguana, butterflies and more.

See wild pink flamingos!


In this Bliss Cocoon everything is designed for soft, loving flow, and will include easy days at the beach and a few easy tips: 1 pyramid trip to Uxmal for the day (yes, lunch at the Pickled Onion – yum!) and 2 trips into Merida to enjoy food, shows, shopping, and healing treatments, light shows and more. 1 trip to see the wild pink flamingos and visit the Pink salt flats (only 20 minutes from us) where you can get pink salt crystals the Maya used to farm and use! Great for cleansing and ceremony, plus eating!


Pyramid of the Moon (Magician) we will visit on January 20, 2020!!


Be bathed in the loving goddess energies at the Sacred Femnine University at the Ancient Magical Maya Site of Uxmal


Beauty abounds at our magical beach home!

Most of the time we are doing deep healings, art, and shamanic healings. Massage therapists, sound healers and more will be coming to the house, and it will be like a Bliss Fest wrapped in a loving cocoon.


Pink salt!

It is going to be a beautiful way to shed the old you (Kukulkan will be here for sure!) and emerge as the shiny new you ready for the new decade.

Video coming this week.

Price is only $1888 and is on special until Dec 15 for only $1650!
Must be paid in full by Dec. 26, 2019, please.

Please let us know if you are interested as soon as possible. This will be small and intimate and we will be sharing with a wider audience later this week. We will have a few spots to stay in the beach house too if you are interested. See below. Attached are some photos.