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Cleanse the past & become your true self

By December 16, 2019Blog

Did you know the entire shamanic healing journey collection is ON HOLIDAY SALE?

This is a powerful tool to help you to become your true self: Spirit Guide Series Collection 1: The Transformation Circle – including Serpent, Dolphin, Iguana, Dragonfly, White Tiger… and they are ready for INSTANT Download!

Yes, it’s on Holiday Sale – and you can even get 4 months of journeys right now for the special price…

Here is how you DIVE IN!
Your magical journey is beginning, and your fresh new ‘you’ is ready to go!

I am so pleased to share these journeys with you… I created (remixed) the music on 3 of them, and will be continuing to create and mix sounds, instruments, songs, breath and more to bring all the elements and realms into these shamanic style journeys. I was honored by 5 musicians allowing me to include their music.

Why are these Animal Spirit Guide audio journeys special? They are not meditations, they are not relaxation or visualization exercises… they are deep transformative experiences traveling dimensions.

I have trained and taught for decades and I combine a wide variety of experience in energy work, healing, shamanic practices and communication with animals and other realms with my master in hypnosis to take you on a journey that is personal every time!

Yes, these are designed to guide you to what is optimal for you at the time... every time! So your unique real-time experience is ready for you, all you have to do is to relax and enjoy.

I have drawn on all of these practices and experiences as a student and as a mentor and brought them into a sacred space, and co-create an all-new experience. I have prepared for these journeys for decades. Now I spent months in a tranquil, remote beach house talking to nature and connecting to the energies as 2019 ends and 2020comes on the horizon.

These animal spirit guides have come forward to ask to be a voice of guidance and empowerment.

They have answered your questions, dreams, and yearnings.

This is the guidance you have been waiting for.

These are multilayered energy experiences that are a deep journey of energy to bring resonance to your life.

Before I begin to record them, I prepare for a few days of ceremony, communication, and meditation. I travel on the inner realms with each animal spirit guide and then create the music.

Messages come through and I keep making notes and drawing images until I feel ready to begin guiding the journey and record.

Are you interested in support and guidance as you enter the new year? As you step into your new plans, job, business, relationship…

You will rise to your best faster when you bring your goals and ideas and journey with a Spirit guide for clarity and clearing!

This is an experience in shedding the old, reclaiming your personal power, and raising your consciousness to a higher level to give you more clarity, peace, and harmony.

Whatever the “optimal path for you at this time” is, this Circle of Animal Spirit Guides is here to lovingly support you. Get the Holiday Sale now!

You will see and hear and feel them as you walk through your day and in your dreams once you begin to journey. 

Enjoy and repeat as desired – forever!