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Cosmic Corridor Activation is ready

By January 9, 2020Blog

Did you lighten up?

Now is the time you’ve been waiting for!

Feeling the energies?

I keep getting comments and messages from people all over the world about how intense the energy is right now. Correct! the best part of this moment is that everybody is aware.

Here is the >replay< from yesterday’s live Activation “Enter 2020 Pure.”

It is very important that you do this as soon as possible because we have already entered Cosmic Corridor. Between the 6th and 13th of January is a very powerful rare cosmetic alignment and the energies from it are affecting us in very deep ways.

These kinds of alignments typically mean massive transformation for people, countries, societies.

This is also the age of transparency and transformation. As we enter a new decade this next week will determine the energy of your next year and this year will determine your energy of the next decade.

Can you see now why this is so important to take time to yourself and shed and let go of all conscious and unconscious energies, thoughts, beliefs, memories, attachments that no longer lift you up to your highest potential????

In the video or audio experience, I use multiple forms of energy medicine, shamanic journeying, and hypnosis to help you move past your conscious mind fears and blocks and to the infinite potential in you.

We move through shedding into purifying becoming present, calm and expanded and reconnected to all levels of who you are.

Finally, we move into the preparation phase where you spend time in this special cosmic energy. Guides connect you to your full potential and the next optimal steps for you at this time

Everything I do is done inside of the chamber of light that is connected to the highest good of all through the heart and for your highest good at this time.

Reuse this as often as you like through the next two weeks. Who you are being, what you are thinking, and how you are feeling, over the next week will have more impact on the foundation of the life you live in this next year than anything else you do this year.

In the call,?? ?I explained to you some of the energies that are happening right now and help you to sense your own energy field so that you can shed what no longer serves your highest good and greatest prosperity and purpose. 

This is a powerful guided experience. Be sure that you are somewhere quiet and lay or sit comfortably. Prepare the room as sacred space – light a candle or some incense. Turn off your phone notifications, shut the door and tell everyone in your family you need this time to yourself.

If you would like some help in connecting to your guides, shedding the old, and discovering the patterns and attachments that hold you back and the potential and possibility of your true purpose, get these powerful shamanic journeys! Animal Spirit Guide Journeys are here to help you shed, purify, prepare! The Transformation Circle 5 journey Collection is ready for instant download – with
  • Serpent & Plumed Serpent: The Journey of Transformation & Shed the Past, Awaken the Lifeforce & Open the Inner Eye
  • Dolphin: The journey of Joy & Remembering your Bliss
  • Iguana: Journey to the Ancients & Intuitive Awakening
  • Dragonfly: Journey to thru the Veil of Illusion & Remembering Your Prosperity & Happiness
  • White Tiger: The journey of Personal Power & Walkthrough Any Challenge Courageously
PLUS! Emerging now is the January 2020 “Metamorphosis Circle of Animal Spirit Guides” Collection. Get Butterfly this week and experience a Journey of Metamorphosis and coming out, spreading your new wings! How PERFECT for this moment! The butterfly is just the first is for this month! You will also get 4 more journeys in January with the sacred animal spirit guides:
  • Jaguar: Journey to reclaim Seeing in the “Dark”, thru shadow & fear.
  • Otter: Journey to reclaim the Sacred Feminine & playful pleasure!
  • Spider: Journey into the web of creation & remembering you are the Creator of your reality!
  • Frog: Journey of cleansing & prosperity!

Please be in your most expanded, joyful and peaceful state as we enter this decade of transformation and transparency.

We are on the threshold of the new golden age.

Thank you – thank you – thank you for being a co-creator of light at this vital time.

Big hugs and lots of love

>go here< to get the replay on video and >go here< to get the replay as an audio BlissLife podcast.