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Welcome! You are Reborn

By January 13, 2020Blog

You are Reborn!

What a joyous moment in time we are blessed to be a part of.

The cosmic corridor we have just emerged from (Jan. 6 – 13) included a full moon, the massively transformative alignment of Pluto and Saturn and a collection of celestials never experienced by anyone alive on earth before.

You can learn more and do the guided experience from last week >here<.

How was your week?

It has been a real rollercoaster ride, as we move through an energetic metamorphosis.

I know I experienced bliss, fear, panic attacks, congestion, nausea, Divine love, celestial travel and expanded consciousness… just to name a few!

The cool part – is we are IN the new “matrix” and what you have chosen to be and to leave behind, will now begin to manifest!

Get ready! This is the “big, real change” – the tower!

Want help going through this? Cleansing the old? Finding your attachments? Fully Allowing yourself to emerge into this new world?

The Animal Spirit Guide Journeys are here to help you!

Grab the 5 Transformation Circle journeys ready for instant download or…

Join me this month as all new journeys emerge guided by the Metamorphosis Circle! Five new shamanic guided journeys for you:

Butterfly: Journey of Metamorphosis and Coming OUT, spreading your new wings!
Jaguar: Journey to reclaim Inner Vision; Seeing in the “Dark”, thru shadow & fear.
Otter: Journey to reclaim the Sacred Feminine & playful pleasure!
Spider: Journey of Reconnecting to the web of creation & embodyi
ng the Creator of your reality!
Frog: Journey of cleansing & prosperity!

All 5 only $88! That’s less than $18 per journey, and you can repeat them forever. Affordable, enjoyable, easy transformation!

Begin the new year of 2020 – a key year in our evolution and the new DECADE with these 5 Guides who are ready to cleanse, clear, and rebirth you into a very different reality.

They will journey with you to help you remember your true essence and skills – like seeing through shadow and fear.

They will nurture, strengthen and reconnect you to play, pleasure, inner vision, prosperity! They will align you with the new energies of personal power, and the well of sacred feminine creative powers within you.

Through January I am also doing Private Spirit Guide Readings and Journeys  – so get aligned, connected and meet your new 2020 guides who are ready to join your mission! Incredible what happens when you find the path within and the support too!

So pay attention! Be aware! There are many messages coming to you, and if you listen and tune in, you will be guided and uplifted in any situation.

Listen to your body, your mind, and your emotions…. don’t believe them – just listen.

Then talk to any physical sensations, emotional upheaval, visions, ideas, and mental revelations… you are in a higher STATE and creating your reality is more in your hands than ever.


Remember you are in a new world, with new rules… and you are a new you. You are the creator now. Creators have advisors, assistants, beloved guides….

Let the Animal Spirit Guides open doors! See them all >here<.
The Transformation Circle is ready for instant download:

Serpent & Plumed Serpent : The journey of Transformation & Shed the Past, Awaken the Life force & Open the Inner Eye
Dolphin: The journey of Joy & Remembering your Bliss
Iguana: Journey to the Ancients & Intuitive Awakening
Dragonfly: Journey to thru the Veil of Illusion & Remembering Your Prosperity & Happiness
White Tiger: The journey of Personal Power & Walk through Any Challenge Courageously