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Give the Fear Back and Feel Free

By January 16, 2020Blog

When do you experience fear?

The recent transition into 2020 and through the cosmic corridor has delivered us into a new moment, a new Earth and new energy.

Have you noticed it?

Who you were being when you emerged from the Cosmic Corridor Jan 13 is imprinting into your life’s energetic structure right now.

My podcast this week completes the series of 4: “Lift your Mood” with “Return the Gifts”.  

This is a key energy healing technique that will free you from limiting beliefs and disappointing thoughts. 

What’s the best thing to do right now to create the most positive and empowering 2020?  

Watch your thoughts, and your feelings and give them back if they no longer serve you! 

Let’s get started “giving back” all unserving, negative, destructive, deflating and lack oriented thoughts, beliefs, and emotional patterns you are carrying. They may be conscious, or unconscious, it doesn’t matter, you can detach from both.

You received most all beliefs, and heavy emotional anchors before you were old enough to understand and your inner programming said “belonging = safe”.

Also, you took on many deep, long seated beliefs and programs without being consciously aware you agreed. Perhaps you were new in a career, overshadowed by a strong personality or persuasive message.

Enjoy this empowering podcast. It will help you to understand you do not have to suffer your whole life because you were raised with beliefs and a lifestyle or mindset that is limited, negative or fear-based.

Best of all you do not have to continue to think in any way that is not the most uplifting, energizing and empowering for you.

It might be weird to let go of carrying guilt and feeling light and happy most of the time.

It’s ok… you’ll get used to it!

Listen to all of the BlissLife Podcast “Lift your Mood” Series and share with your loved ones:

  1. Raising Your Mood
  2. Energizing Objects of Power
  3. Uplifting Listening
  4. Return the Gifts

Give it back, free yourself, and then set your energies on soaring to your highest hearts dreams!


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