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The Magi, the lion and the waterfall….

By January 23, 2020Blog

Welcome to the magic land….within you!

My world is magic.

Every day I encounter and work with some kind of ‘magical’ being.

An animal spirit or elemental (water…) spirit, a Maya ancestor or a flower essence or fairy.

I get to travel with my clients on inner journeys of healing and revelation.

I get to help them awaken to their own inner magical world. Then connect them to guidance so they can create that blissful harmony in their outer reality.

Two of my clients had a Golden LION Spirit Guide come…???????

I am so honored to get to enter these mystical kingdoms within each person. I expand my awareness and experience every time I journey into the invisible realms…

You can still get a private Spirit Guide reading with me for a special price… it will change your life to meet your 2020 spirit guides!

In these sessions, I have been opening the new 2020 amplified inner vision and creating a clear and open connecting to the new spirit guides

In the Animal Spirit Guide Circle Collections of shamanic journeys, I have been giving you a repeatable way to journey within and get guidance form many powerful and nurturing guides.

Now we kick off season 6 of BlissLife Podcast: 20/20 Inner Vision Awakening!

2020 is a time of AWAKENING.

2020 is a time of CLARITY and TRANSPARENCY.

2020 means crystal clear vision!

Vision might mean you connect to nature in a new way, or you begin to communicate with animals.

It might mean you get clearer visions or dreams or you feel clearly guided in a decision or direction.

Gold light, the gold ray, Golden Goddesses or Atlantean Crystal Talkers and golden liquid healing cocoons have been common in the 2020 healings and readings.

Your GUIDES ARE HERE and in 2020 – there is no one who needs to go alone through the maze.

It’s time to gather your posse, call on your council, listen for your guides and lie your BlissLife now. When you do, you create it for all.

In this podcast, you will open your new higher 2020 vision and in a private session, you can meet your new guides and uplevel your energy to 2020 crystal clarity!

To Bliss!

All 2020 we will be opening our inner vision and creating clear communication with light – languages, patterns, angels, Goddesses, ascended masters, the moon, Gaia, the crystal kingdom, even the Atlanteans, the ancient Egyptians, the middle earth and other planets. My clients keep expanding the horizon each time they journey within and we discover a new skill, connection, and power.

What will you discover within you?