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Goddesses, Atlanteans, and Elephants

By January 27, 2020Blog

You are so awesome!

I am so blown away when I get to do private journeys, healings, and readings… such fascinating, revealing, and empowering things to happen!

New levels of reality are reached and my beautiful clients are opened to such a magical new world, guidance or powerful release.

This last week we had such powerful Spirit Guide journeys and this week is the last chance for you to get your own Private Spirit Guide Journey for only $99 (Reg. $222).

Flowers are amazing healers and uplifting guides. They can symbolize opening, expressing your beauty, or even remind you of your guides presence….

It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life for you to benefit in meaningful ways from these special Spirit Guide journeys. Your higher self and my Infinity Healing Chamber ensure we are on track for what is optimal for you at this time!

If you seek specific answers, insights, or direction we will find it.

If you want to get unstuck, unclogged and release old fear, struggle or lack of clarity — this is the perfect time to uplevel to 2020 Vision!

Even if you currently have fabulous success and abundance is pouring onto you — great — let’s find the spirit guides who are assisting you and make sure you are open and receptive to all the energy coming to you!

Animal Spirit Guides are powerful and have much wisdom and insight to offer. Often multiple animal spirit guides appear for each person. Sometimes the connection is so powerful, it goes to a Soul level.

Be sure to listen to the first BlissLife podcast of season 6 20/20 Inner Vision Awakening

Let’s clear and cleanse your luminous LightBody and align you with the highest guidance possible for your purpose in 2020!

Spirit Guides come in all forms — especially when I go to sacred sites and activate a connection. Here you can see several beings that came to join us during the meditation at the Maya site of Kaba???????.

The Spirit Animal Guide Shamanic Journeys are powerful and affordable — for less than $18 each, you can get a collection of powerful Animal Spirit Guides!

Coming soon Goddess Animal Spirit Guides – the power of the sacred feminine energy and wisdom with animal spirit guides… like Sekhmet the Egyptian Goddess with the head and powers of a lion…

Maybe Lakshmi the goddess of riches – material and spiritual is waiting to be your guide… maybe Athena is bringing you feminine power and inner vision…

There’s a whole galaxy of spirit guides waiting to guide, heal and empower you… the sun, sea or sacred symbols.

Let’s find them and journey into your personal power and purpose.