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Transformational Guidance! Spirit Guide Journey

By January 30, 2020Blog

It’s an incredible year there!

2020 is a blast, so much beautiful energy available to transform what you no longer wish to be in your life!

In fact, the energies this year could not be better for us to RAISE our energy, awareness, and consciousness.

So… if you are NOT feeling this energy of possibility and potential…

If you are feeling down or worried about global drama and fear-filled media…

It’s the perfect time to step out of your ‘reality’, drop out of your mind and move into a higher state of communication and harmony with a loving, guide of light.

This week on >BlissLife Podcast< you will enjoy a Guided Inner Vision Experience Connecting with your Spirit Guides!

Because this podcast is recorded for everyone to use, I won’t be there to tell you or help you interpret the guidance that comes, as I do in a private reading (on special >here<).

However, you will still have a profound experience, I have clients who’ve had huge breakthroughs in group experiences. It’s best to be open and receptive and give yourself an hour to yourself!

Be sure as you begin this podcast you are someplace quiet with headphones, so you can relax and receive!

I will set the space and clear your energy field. Then I guide you into a beautiful, peaceful place where whatever spirit guides that are OPTIMAL FOR YOU AT THIS TIME will appear.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done this before or if you have been receiving messages for years… there is ALWAYS a new layer to open within and you will go to the place that is for your highest good!

Let me know how you liked it, what happened and who you met! Reply here or tell me on Facebook!

Golden Love and light fill you,

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Imagine being able to pull out a spirit guide journey when you really need it, and just laying down and letting your guide take you away, cleanse the pain or frustration, and transform you within an hour!!!

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