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Golden Sunlight Energy Healing

By February 10, 2020Blog

It is a joyful full moon – enjoy as we prepare to go into the Healing Energies of the Sun.

Golden Sunlight Energy Healing is one way to use energy medicine to align your body, mind, and spirit to the next level of consciousness and joy coming in now!

This will be a video live stream and we will dive into the ancient mysteries of the sun, as a source of life, a God or Goddess or the portal to our ascension…

Advanced ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, the Maya, Celts and many native American tribes understood the energy body and the “chakras”.

They considered the sun sacred, powerful and a connection to the Divine that would help awaken the power within these energy centers.

They understood ENERGY and used it for medicine, physical health, spiritual expansion and so much more!

They learned to expand their energy field and connect with this sunlight. The mysteries in the Gold Ray contain clues and doors to your higher self and energy healing.

Now in 2020 this knowledge is reawakening and is a GIFT to assist us in this time of transition.

Sacred sites around the planet are opening their secrets again, and we are finally at a point where we can receive them!

In our Live Ancient Sun Energy Healing Experience you will experience a Golden Sunlight Energy Healing and learn:

1. Secrets of the ancients about the sun for energy healing, consciousness-raising, and Pineal Gland awakening.

2. The ways to harness subtle energies, rays, light, and power to use to build their civilizations and predict thousands of years into the future.

3. How temples and pyramids were built to align with the sun and capture powerful rays for Solar Initiations, which then awakened the Chakras and how you can prepare for this moment of 2020.

4. Discover how they merged with the gold ray to digest spiritual golden sunlight as food to live on and expand the mind and open the heart and experience a Solar Breath.


This is the Maya Solar Initiation during the Equinox Sunrise. It bursts through the Temple of the 7 Powers or Rays (Chakras) hitting your 6th energy center – the 3rd eye, and aligns all 7 personal chakras. Dzibilchaltun is close to my home and will be our destination for the March 2020 Equinox, the most powerful equinox to date!


Temples and pyramids were built to the sun (some still standing) all over the planet throughout the ages for a very important reason. Each was built with sacred sciences and planetary alignment to caputre the power of the sun and commune with it’s essence.


The Temp of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico. Ancients unknown to us built these enromous pyramids, with full knowledge of the cosmic, earth and human energy

The Temple of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico. Ancients unknown to us built these enormous pyramids, with full knowledge of the cosmic, earth and human energy

It’s time to tap into our ancestral wisdom and power up our own solar plexus, the center of our personal will and power.


The Ancient Egyptians had a Sun Festival at the great Sun Temple at Abu Simbel. The temple on the left is the main temple to the Sun, dedicated to the sun gods Amon-Re and Re-Horakhte. Ra is the all-seeing eye and sun God.


Today tap into the full moon energies – take the tie to sit with the illumination she offers and declare

I AM the LIGHT! I AM the LIGHT! I AM the LIGHT! – there is no darkness within me!” – Thoth/Hermes – the emissary and messenger of the gods.


PLEASE SHARE THIS – just forward to anyone you know is interested in maximizing their potential and health and awakening with energy medicine and ancient Gold Sun energy.