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Seat of your Soul & DMT

By February 18, 2020Blog

Are you seeking expanded awareness, a closer connection to your higher self and mystical experiences?

You aren’t alone!

The search is on for PERSONAL inner mystical experiences and journeys! 

People are seeking out mystical, psychedelic and DMT experiences like ayahuasca and mushrooms to try to break free from the mundane and reconnect to their infinite nature.

Great news!

You don’t have to do 50 ayahuasca trips, travel to Peru or even take any drug or herb at all to have visions and expanded conscious experiences!

Enjoy your very own “Pineal Awakening” in the comfort of your own home at your own pace! 

The Pineal Awakening all-new course is on Valentine’s Love Sale right now and gives you 5 Pineal Activations (like the Gold Ray Sunlight Pineal Infusion and the Heart – Pineal Awakening) – you just plugin and relax!


Your Pineal is the master gland, the Seat of the Soul!

The pineal is an ‘eye’ and can perceive light and can produce the hormones, and substances for your body’s health and your mind’s inspiration. It also is the ‘spiritual gland” and connects you to the subtle realms and ‘parallel” worlds of powerful and healing energies.

DMT is produced by the pineal gland in near-death experiences, birth, and death and in special moments of intense spiritual awakening, visions come in.

Do you want to know your purpose? Feel guided? Know you can expand from this 3-D world into realms of love, light, and inspiration?

Check out my VALENTINE”S SPECIAL on an ALL-NEW way to activate your pineal, and awaken your potential >Pineal Awakening!<

The Pineal Gland is the Inner Eye and is your Spiritual Gland. It is vital to Heal & Awaken it in order to find Health, Happiness, Prosperity & Mystical Experiences!

I love out of the body, expanded and mystical experiences! Having them and guiding them!

I have had so many over the 3+ decades of spiritual work and travel. I have discovered that this is one of those KEY things that you cannot bypass… you have to deal with the condition of your pineal at some point and wake it up!

You deserve to open your mind and see the infinite possibilities waiting for you!
You’ll love it!

Did you know that dedicated meditators who learn the secrets of the pineal are able to flood their brain with DMT! This removes the need for substances like Ayahuasca to be taken over and over.

Save the ceremonies for special moments and get into action every day to awaken your pineal and reconnect to your soul!

Check out the Pineal Activation on my last podcast >here<.