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Why Awaken the Pineal?

By February 20, 2020February 22nd, 2020Blog

Why awaken your Pineal gland?

This week on BlissLife Podcast we dive deeper into the Pineal gland, also called the 3rd eye throughout history.

This gland is related to your spiritual connection, inner eye, and personal truth. It also regulates the most important hormones in your body, brings optimal health and higher consciousness and happier moods.

In this podcast we will explore:

1.Why the ancients revered and understood the true power of an awakened pineal.

2. What does science know about this gland?

3. Why is now the ‘ultimate moment’ for caring for and communing with your Pineal?

4. How the current DEPRESSION crisis is caused by a shut down pineal.

5. The top 5 toxic enemies of an alive, awake and connected Pineal gland.

6. What are the top 10 benefits of awakening your pineal!

Just go >here< to listen now. Enjoy! Share!

Pineal power is real. It has been hidden and ridiculed by institutions and cultures and now is the time of the great awakening.

Like it or not, you have to take back your pineal from years and lifetimes of atrophy.

Want to live your purpose, happy and healthy? This is the answer…


PS Without a healthy pineal you cannot have a clear and open connection to your higher selves or your purpose.


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