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DMT & Your Pineal

By March 5, 2020Blog

Ever had a psychedelic experience?

Nowadays more and more people are seeking a spiritual connection and meaning beyond 9-5.

This awakening is calling more people back to indigenous and ancient wisdom.

DMT Is called the Spirit Molecule and it is what opens the door to our spiritual connection and the vast subtle realms, a door within our pineal gland, the seat of our soul.

DMT occurs naturally in many animals and plants including humans. It is secreted by the pineal at key moments like birth, death and near-death experiences.

It opens your consciousness to other dimensions, colors, realities, knowledge.

DMT can also be activated in the pineal by an intake of DMT like from plant medicine ceremonies like ayahuasca or mushrooms.

Or you can go on a deep spiritual retreat or to an energy vortex and experienced an inner awakening with visions.

Maybe you had vivid color experiences and visions after a powerful activation at an ancient temple or pyramid power site like I do at the BlissLife Retreats.

Most people have heightened vision after my guided journeys because the ancient sites contain power, energy, and codes and combine with the shamanic style experience that also awakens the Pineal and DMT.

Everything looks brighter, more colorful, glowing and often they can see colors they couldn’t before.

Whether it’s with eyes closed while in an altered state of higher consciousness or like many of my students who can ‘see’ light and dimensions after they open their eyes, you have many paths to awaken your Pineal and doorway to your Soul.

Here is my all-new BlissLife podcast “DMT & Your Pineal”.

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– Why Awaken the Pineal?
– DMT & Your Pineal