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Did you do the Mystical journey?

By March 10, 2020Blog

Did you do the mystical journey with your pineal (inner eye and doorway to other dimensions) on my podcast last week?

I highly recommend it, it’s this podcast >here<, no fee or sign up, and it’s called

Mystical Experiences & Your Pineal.

Mystical experiences, expanded spiritual experiences are behind door #1 – the pineal gland, the seat of your soul. In this podcast, I share what creates mystical experiences and why your pineal is so key. Then I lead you into a 30-minute journey with your pineal. The Journey Begins at 33 minutes and goes, with music, to 63 minutes.

Also my podcast this Saturday was fun because I shared more about DMT & Your Pineal, and I share some cool stories about my and my students and clients real-life moments with psychedelic, healing, and higher consciousness experiences. 

I am having so much fun and such deep shifts creating this Pineal Awakening Class. I always go deep in personally and do the work myself. When It all comes together through me into a course like this and I get feedback about the changes and healings people have, it brings the energy around the course even higher.

If you want a scholarship to this class, please hit reply and email us. Let us know you feel called to this awakening at this time.

Get started right away and rediscover the keys to the kingdom – your personal kingdom of infinite creation and healing.

May gold liquid light and love pour over you,

PS Pineal Awakening combines enough information to empower you to make educated choices for your best lifestyle and health, and takes you step by step with processes, graphics, and guided activations. Use this as a lifelong guide to get going healing and activating your pineal so you can connect to your highest self and divine guidance!

PPS Last chance to join me and experience a Pineal Awakening Live with a Maya Solar Initiation on the equinox in the sacred Yucatan land of Maya’s on the Emerald coast!