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Need Healing in this Global Crisis?

By March 13, 2020Blog

The world is changing, fast and crazy. Countries shutting down is hard to imagine, and yet under it all, we know in our hearts these changes will birth a new and better world.

In the meantime HOW do you manage the fear?

How do you handle the panic?

How do you stay safe and healthy?

The fact is there is so much damage that happens when fear runs rampant – both in our bodies and the mind and the world.

You cannot create HEALTH from fear, it is too big of a jump, so you have to use energy medicine to heal, unravel, uncover and detach these low states of fear, blame, anger, and victimhood.



Because some people are more vulnerable because of their mindset, emotional and physical state. You can control what is within you, and start to shift, shed and empower. You can be immune, or dramatically lower your healing time, it is within you.

You literally lower your immune system just by going down into these kinds of states – fear, panic, anger, desire, worry, victimhood!


Akasha Healing Sessions are deep and personalized to your situation. As a 33+ year healer, homeopath, master hypnotherapist, radionics healer and shamanic leader and intuitive I can draw from multiple modalities and realms to find the answers you seek.

LightBody healing is a powerful modality and combined with my other experience and tools in all forms of natural and energy health. We can relieve fear, detach from panic, find calm and purpose and even reconnect you to your highest self and powerful healing guides.

We go deep together and work on all levels of your being – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. You will experience energy medicine, a guided journey to find your own answers, and resources, tools, and tips for managing your fear, pain or panic.

  • These sessions are virtual so no travel!
  • Sit in the safety of your home and receive powerful healing and clarity
  • These 2 hours (+30 min follow up) sessions are recorded for you to return to for notes or additional healing sessions!
  • These sessions are tailored 100% to you and include dozens of modalities and healing tools.
  • Akasha healing sessions are for the Soul because all things start in the higher realms and end up in the body.
  • These healings are for your body, mind, and emotions: manage panic and fear, rise above old patterns that keep your energy low, and boost your immune system and mood so you can stay healthy no matter what is going on around you.
  • Already sick? Whether it is the Coronavirus or something else, you will find peace, and confidence and your own healing in the way, that is optimal for you at this time!

Go to my site or hit reply to this email to set a time for these sessions. You can even pay with the link below.Regular Price $397 (was $555) – Spring 2020 Virus Transformation Special $200 OFF! Only $197 until April 15th, 2020.

Remember, you drag all your bodies, your LightBody – mind, emotions, and body all down into the depths of despair and suppress your immune system and natural healing hormones and activate stress hormones when you are in the state of fear or any low mood.

Adrenal fatigue is already an issue from modern life, and with this added uncertainty it is turning on the WRONG hormones in your body. The fear hormones cause disease and lower the immune system.

DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS and stop reading about the virus and other news that upsets you. Yes, be safe and know what it is important for you to know about your town, but stop stressing yourself out!

Remember you are the commander of your reality and body. If you walk around in fear you are creating a field ripe for catching viruses and bad moods. These compromise your ability to stay healthy.

You can DO something to increase your vital energy and strength. You do not have to sit around worrying when you are going to get it!
Many people die from the regular flu, and most people do not. Same thing with this current situation. You can choose and align with your Soul’s path, this way you know what your path is in these times and how to listen to your own inner authority.
I am here to help! Reach out now!
Be your own best friend, get healthy in mind, emotions and release powerful healing agents within your own body!
My sincere blessing and love to you,
You can Join the Pineal Awakening Class as well – your pineal actually releases powerful healing hormones when you know how to activate it! It also opens doors to other dimensions and gives you access to supernatural guidance and experiences that raise your overall vibrational state and help you stay healthy.
NOTE: I do not cure, diagnose or promise any healing of a specific kind. I am not an MD, I am an energy healer, natural health specialist. These sessions do not replace proper medical attention.

I do know my 30+ years of healing work, how powerful it is when you have help, support, resources, and an inner trust and strength.

Each session is unique and you will be able to make choices in life, keep your mood up and who knows what else you will unlock!
YOU are the healer. I AM the guide and channel.
Let’s uncover your optimal state at this time and empower you to stay present, centered and powerful no matter what is going on around you!

Buy Your Session Now >here< or go to my site to read more.