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Fear & Coronavirus

By March 16, 2020Blog

We live in interesting times. Uncertainty and worldwide panic are arising over the Coronavirus.

It is time to STOP the spread of fear as well as the virus. You are the one in charge of your emotions, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Emotions like fear can make you MUCH more susceptible to disease and viruses.

Fear Spreads Faster Than Any (Corona) virus!

My newest podcast can be downloaded and listened to here Fear & Coronavirus”.

And in it, I stopped my current conversation (Pineal Awakening – which BTW helps fear, panic, and health) and am focusing on the FEAR that has run rampant and how to stop it so you can raise your life force, not drain it.

In this BlissLife podcast I discuss:

  1. Why FEAR and other low STATES of emotion create a ripe field for imbalances like viruses.
  2. You are the creator of your reality – how do you remember and activate that in the middle of panic
  3. How to move energy and change your mental and emotional STATE to become healthy, vibrant and able to handle anything with calm.
  4. What if this is a purification? Energy medicine and emotional cleansing.
  5. How to find the power in this global situation and empower yourself personally to live more present and aware

Please share this with everyone you know and watch for more podcasts, videos and virtual group healings I will be sharing to assist you in rising above this situation and using it to grow.

You can also do a healing session with me privately, online and not have to travel!

The sessions vary depending on what you need, and I will share many healing tools and resources with you for both physical, mental and emotional health as well as reconnect you to your spirit so you can navigate with calm and trust.

Healthy, happy vibrations to you and yours,

Ask me what you are worried about and I will create a video answer!