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Do this powerful Chakra Activation now

By March 23, 2020Blog

Happy Equinox!

This is my favorite time of the year! The energies are ripe for transformation.

Unfortunately my spring BlissLife Equinox Retreat has been canceled due to the coronavirus. In fact here in Mexico, they’ve even closed the sacred Maya site we were going to for the sunrise solar initiation.

So I thought if I can’t go there and you can’t go there… why not do a solar initiation together?!

Hooray! It’s so important we do not let this special energy and moment go by… so I have created you a beautiful video equinox Activation for March 21, 2020.

Using digital photos of the sacred temple of the 7 Rays (powers/dolls) at the ancient Maya site of Dzilbilchaltun like these, you will journey to the temple and see the sunrise.

Here is where Ancient Maya initiates gathered for the equinoxes and when the sun rays hit your forehead (3rd eye) at sunrise you received a seven chakra alignment and solar initiation.

Enclosed is an >Equinox Activation< (information and prep are the first 45 minutes, then the activation starts) activation allowing you to tune in to the frequencies captured by these digital images and the moment of the equinox sunrise.

Enjoy this in a quiet sacred space. Light some incense and candles, breathe deeply and invite in our Maya ancestors and our sacred mother Gaia.

Then turn on the video.

Enjoy the activation first with your eyes open. When I say close your eyes feel free to lay down. Make sure you can hear me, having headphones is best. Turn off the notifications on your phone and make sure you are comfortable.

>Enjoy this sacred experience right now< and incredible chakra alignment??.

Please share this with your friends, family, and anyone you know will benefit. My Facebook page has been hacked and therefore I cannot be reached on Facebook, however, if you help me share my Podcasts and healing and things like this we can reach more people and spread the joy and healing.

The equinox is a very sacred time and a perfect time to increase your energy and vitality. Despite the fear, panic and unusual circumstances at this time – it is still an opportunity to up-level your consciousness and heal and open your Soul connection.

Free the fear and your peace will follow