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These will help…

By April 21, 2020Blog

I want you to free yourself from whatever physical, mental, emotional, physical or financial fear cloud that is hanging over you!

I want you to rise to your highest state and create the new earth from harmony, peace, trust, joy…

So I gathered some of my 100% Free podcasts I think will help you!

They include meditations or insights into how to handle this time, AND how to get ready for this incredible decade!

Just click on the podcast name below and listen and enjoy!

I hand picked these just now to apply to the special
circumstances of the moment – enjoy and share!

Fear & Coronavirus

Emotions like fear can make you MUCH more susceptible to disease and viruses. Fear Spreads Faster Than Any (Corona) virus! Listen to this podcast to free yourself form toxic fear and get a new perspective.

Protect from ENERGY DRAINS

It’s an intense time, and yet so beautiful! Often as you are ready to uplevel to the next state of consciousness for you, you get very tired, and often feel held back or weighed down by energies that never bothered you before. You are awakening your senses, and that can be overwhelming or exhausting at times.

Illuminate Your Heart

Is your HEART prepared for the upcoming Ascension Shifts? The portals that have been opening for the last year are unlike any other before… we must PREPARE our hearts… come join me… (this was made last Sept, but is very relevant now with the Societal Reset and Great Transformation in full swing now and cosmic energies shifting to cleanse and upgrade us daily).

You can subscribe to my podcast on iTunes >here< if you like.

I am also getting ready to post a lot more helpful tips and meditations and more on my youtube channel >here< if you want to subscribe or keep the link.

We will let you know when they go up!

Be safe! Be strong! Be Love!

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